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Falling Skies demonstrates multiple parent/child relationship dynamics

What would you do to pprotect your children?
What would you do to pprotect your children?

'Falling Skies' maybe TNT's new sci-fi drama about an alien invasion but the main storyline shows multiple parent/child relationship dynamics. The pretense to the story is that aliens are harvesting Earth children as their own. When the show first appeared on TNT(channel 26 in Colorado Springs) viewers were led to believe that aliens were using the children as a workforce. This is partially true, but as the storyline continues to unravel the aliens appear to be developing a parental type relationship with the harnessed children.

This past Sunday's episode showed all dynamics of how far a parent would go to protect its child. You have a father(who was once a college professor turned warrior to protect his children) who risked his own life to save his son who is under friendly gunfire. You have another father who risked everything to save his child (a child who would give anything to go back to the aliens) and ultimately give his life in place of his child. You have another father who would sacrifice other people's children (even friends) to keep his family safe.

The children of Professor are thankful and do everything to protect their family and friends. The child of the man who gave his life created a parental bonds with the aliens and could care less that his father was dead. Of course the father willing to sacrifice other children was captured and sent packing (most would have killed him too). The child of the father willing to sacrifice other children became desensitized to the evil her father was doing and stood beside regardless of the consequences.

Being put in the situation these characters have been written into is extreme and we would hope never happen to us, but we make choices every day and often times forget our actions teach our children what is right and wrong. Most parents when asked would say they would sacrifice anything for their children, but what they really? Would you sacrifice other people's children to keep your safe? Would you sacrifice your life to save them even though they don't appreciate you? Do you teach them right and wrong? And who's to say what is truly right or wrong in any circumstance?

If you haven't watch 'Falling Skies' you might find the television show very interesting. The writers have done a really good job of showing all angles of humanity. They've even gave the aliens (which look like a cross between lizards and bugs) the level of humanity and innocence you would expect. If you've seen 'Falling Skies' please feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion. If you haven't, make an attempt to check it out and let us know what you think.

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