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Falling in love with your job this Valentine's Day

with your career
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Valentine's Day is fast approaching, putting a lot of people in a romantic way. While you're swooning over your sweetheart or making dinner reservations, you might be neglecting another important significant other in your life: your job. Just like a relationship, maintaining momentum and passion in your career takes time, planning, energy, and a whole lotta love. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, here are a few things you can do to fall head over heels for your 9-5 all over again, even if your affection is waning.

Remember why you fell in love.

Do you remember your first day on the job? The nervous butterflies in your stomach? How excited you got about the potential you had to make it great? It's time to recapture that feeling. If you've been going steady with your profession for a while, it can be easy to lose sight of what drew you there in the first place. Take yourself back to that place and remember what it was that made you so giddy to go into work that first week. If you've lost your enthusiasm for the effort, it might help to think about your future together. Where can you go from here? Use the lovey dovey Valentine's Day sentiment to get you in an amorous mood and don't be afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Remember, your job hasn't changed, just your outlook.

Spice things up.

Sometimes all it takes to rekindle the professional passion in you is doing something new and novel. You can't be surprised that things have gone stale if you do the same things day in and day out. Checking out an industry conference or reading some books that offer new insight can be just the boost you need to change your perspective and make things feel new again. Take a refresher course on something you love doing at work, or a class on something new to help you on the job. Ask a coworker to cross-train you in a different role to expand your knowledge-base. Do whatever it takes to shake up what has become the mundane. It's the career equivalent of taking your S.O. out on a Valentine's Day date.

Open the lines of communication.

The foundation of any great relationship is open and honest communication. After doing the same job with the same people for any length of time, there is a tendency to let the lines of communication go dead. This is a mistake, but not an irreversible one. If something about your job is bothering you, find a tactful way to let someone know. Your superiors and coworkers will likely be more than willing to help you - just be prepared to reciprocate! Relationships (both romantic and professional) are a two-way street. You'll hopefully find the help you need right there in your own workplace; but those you count on will need to know that they can count on you too, so don't be scared to speak up when you think you can be of use. Keep the conversation going beyond Valentine's Day and you'll likely find a much more rewarding work environment.

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