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Falling For Someone Else While In A Relationship

Falling in love can create you or destroy you.
Falling in love can create you or destroy you.

Some say that when you are with someone and fall in love with someone else, to choose the second person. It is thought that if you really loved the first person, you would have never fell for that second person. While this is true in many aspects, it can be misleading. Sometimes it isn't love that people fall for, it is lust. If you are with someone but notice someone who has physical features that you love, this is lust.

Many people jump the gun thinking that just because they are physically attracted to someone else, it means they are in love and should leave the person they are with. This is a misconception because the grass is not always greener on the other side. If your feelings strive more from the attention you are getting from that person, this starts out as lust but has the potential to turn in to love.Then again sometimes you are going through a rough patch in your own relationship, that you yearn for attention. Evaluate your own relationship before making any rash decisions. If you are falling for someone else, there are a few things that you can do to fix the problem.

  1. Ignore that person, especially if your feelings are stemming from all the attention they are giving you.
  2. Tell your significant other, even if it means it will start a fight, you should be open with them.
  3. If you suspect they like you but you do not wish to pursue things, talk about your significant other a lot.
  4. Talk with that person and tell them that you do not want them to flirt with you anymore and wish to remain just friends.

Some people find it better to just let life run its course. This does not in any way mean to cheat or leave your significant other. This means to leave things the way they are and hope for the best. What would you do if you did leave your significant other then found out the other person does not love or like you that way? What if that other person is just a flirt and acts this way with everyone else? Think of all of the things you would have to start over with if you were to leave the one you are with. You would have to go through the first date awkwardness again, the new intimacy embarrassing moments, meeting his/her whole family, and meeting all of their friends.

Ultimately you have a decision to make. Will you just let life run its course and just see what happens? Or will you take action? You must decide what will make you happy in the long run. You may be going through a hard time in your current relationship right now, but who can you see yourself having a future with? Many things must be taken in to consideration when dealing with this type of situation.

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