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Falling for Fruits and Vegetables

Soups on
Soup suggestion Gardena FM. photo by Randy Lewis

Fall and winter bring different foods to the markets and knowing how to use them and what benefits they provide is a definite plus not only for you, but also for our hard working farmers. The CDC has created a new website to show you how much fruits and vegetable servings you need for optimal health but how to eat well and not break the bank.

Fall brings beautiful pumpkins, bell peppers, bountiful squash and so much more you would regret not knowing the many benefits and applications for using them aside from the carving, decorating and stuffing we are all too familiar. These lovely bounties can make decadent soups, salads, breads and even desserts. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too with the use of these antioxidant and mineral rich fruits and vegetables.This site demystifies what a “serving” is and how many you should be enjoying. You can save money, eat well and feel better with the practical tips provided.

For exciting recipes form my fellow Examiners check out the Fall Cookbook. There are unique and original recipes from some of the most creative folks you have ever read.

If trimming down is your winter goal they have another site you can try for not only using fruits and vegetables but following a plan suited to your specific dietary needs and requirements. Check it out My Pryamid

*Please note many of our Los Angeles Farmers’ markets will be changing their house to accommodate the shorter day and cooler nights. Check your markets hours here: FarmerNet


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