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Fallback and winter fitness plan

The writer jogging in the winter time
The writer jogging in the winter time
Lance Becvar

The writer hopes everyone is enjoying their summer in every way possible from vacations to walks in the parks, swimming in local pools and just getting outside to exercise. Sadly the summer is slowly ending and most of us in the northeast will have to deal with strictly indoor activities. Fall and then the dreaded winter is coming so we should prepare ourselves for it sooner than later. Now is the time for fitness and health minded people to have a plan for staying in shape during those months when outdoor activity is limited because of bad weather.

Fall and winter season can be detrimental to one’s health just by the sheer fact, that people gain the most weight during in those months. What we have here is food filled holidays that encourage excessive eating and limited options to exercise because of cold and snow. Now if you are a member of a health club, you may just have to simply increase your cardiovascular exercises, more treadmill time, or utilizing a step machine. However if you are like the writer and you don’t belong to health club this can be a problem but, there is still many things a person can do to keep fit.

Now if you have cable, there may be some free on demand group fitness shows that you the reader can tune into and exercise right along with the show’s hostess. These shows can give a person many simple exercise regimens or exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home. Another idea is; if your home or apartment has stairs to bedrooms, or other rooms try walking up and down those stairs for 15 to 20 minutes, increasing the speed slightly. The exercise alone can help build stamina and endurance but just be careful doing this because injury from a fall is not something anyone wants to deal with. If you really want to jog and the weather outside is not cooperating, try running in place for 20 minutes listening to your favorite music. Now when you are jogging in place try to increasing the speed of your steps and get the arms involved. The writer likes to have light weights in his hands when he is jogging in place to work the upper and lower body, 3 to 5 pound weights will do the trick. Try and do any of these activities at least 3 days a week for maximum benefit. Remember that activities such as jogging can still be performed in wintertime a person just has to be prepared with warmer clothing and footwear. And keep in mind depending upon the weather, you participation days outside will be limited so indoor exercise is a nice supplement to your routine. One final thing, try and limit you calories as must as possible during these fall and winter months especially during the holidays. The writer will talk more about this in upcoming articles. For more information please contact the writer through or consult the links below.