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Fall work wear is back

Fall starts in days and the looks are already filled in stores.
McKinli |

Happy 4th of September!

Fall starts in only 19 days and any store you walk into will no doubt, have fall clothing available. Now is the time to stock up on your favorite fall trends like boots, leggings and sweaters. Not only is fall fashion comfy, but is easy to prepare for a workday. Sure, some outfits may look a bit 'loungy'... but if you pair them right; they may look professional.

Business Professional: Slim but strictly appropriate. Long pencil skirt or nice pants with a covered blouse. Blazers are great for covering up the shoulders, over tanks and are always available. There are several fun tights you use with dresses (including sweater dresses).

Casual Dress: Blouse and pants with nice heels could still be considered professional, but could be lest strict; you could wear a blouse tank top. Or a short dress but with leggings or tights. Accessories work great for looking more glam. Having the pro look that you would wear elsewhere is nice because it has a little more comfort.

Casual: Express your personality and show off your makeup more. Great for autumn colors and comfort. Wear a flowy top with jeans and some heels, casual but still a work look. Try a nice looking sweater dress with leggings and boots.

Pure Comfortable: You can still be quite comfy without looking like a slob. Get a sweater dress, leggings and boots. Some may even still look professional if you pair them correctly. Doing your hair instead of leaving it messy and applying little makeup may also have an impact on the outcome. If your work allows you to wear whatever you'd like; lazy days ahead are very nice with chunky sweaters and a messy bun.

What is your favorite fall look? Do you like colors or neutrals during the season?

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