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Fall Schematic reaches Kickstarter goal

Imagine a world where organic life is nearly gone and humans have programmed themselves into a digital world ruled only by the limits of their imaginations. Imagine that a Glitch is trying to destroy everything. Imagine that you'll be able to save humanity on both a physical and digital level by early next year. Now you've got the idea for Fall Schematic: a smartphone game that will be part RPG, part tabletop card game, and all the techno-punk you could want. Its Kickstarter went live March 18 and immediately exploded, raising its goal of $22,500 in less than a day.

Two factors set Fall Schematic apart from other games. The first is its medium, and the second is its cost.

While Fall Schematic can be played entirely as its own digital RPG (developed by Drawn by Clouds) or its own tabletop card game (produced by Wyrd Miniatures), the physical and digital halves are designed to work together. Players can use their phones to scan a printed code hidden in the card art, which will load a more powerful version of the card onto it. They can then set their phone right down on the table and put that card into play. Just like the characters of the Fall Schematic world, players will be able to take advantage of physical and digital space while playing.

So what’s that about cost? The folks at Drawn by Clouds are tired of mobile games scamming players into paying by releasing an incomplete game and forcing players to pay for the rest. Because of this, they’ve developed a new system: “free-to-play, free-to-pay-what-you-want.” Players will be able to play the game for free, and items in the virtual marketplace will be priced using the Humble Bundle system—players determine what to pay for them, and players who pay above the average price will get rare and special items.

One of the most promising factors of the game is how all of its individual components are fully playable. You can play the video game for free, you don't need the video game to play the card game or vice versa, you can play alone or with others, or you can combine every form of media with some friends for the ultimate interactive gaming experience. In addition, the media on the Kickstarter page already shows promising glimpses of beautiful art, fantastic scenarios and imaginative world-building.

"We are blown away by the outpouring of warm support this early in the campaign," said Matt Anderson, the creative director and lead programmer for the project, as well as the creator of “ERIE” and “Catball Eats it All.” He added, "Funding in our first 20 hours was beyond all our expectations."

According to the Fall Schematic website, the game is expected to be released in December of this year and the card decks in March of 2015. Depending on what stretch goals the Kickstarter can achieve before April 23, the game may move to other platforms as well.

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