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Fall Recipes: The Manzanal from Fino


The Manzanal at FINO. Photo ©A. Gallatin 2009

"For me, this is the essence of autumn. Warm apples and nuts with a hint of maple syrup." --Bill Norris, FINO

As the air is cooling here in Austin--finally!--and carving pumpkins are beginning to line the sidewalks of every grocery store, many of us have started the great search for delicious Autumnal cocktails.

This beverage by Bill Norris, the drink master at FINO, not only embraces you with fall flavor, it also manages to warm your tummy and your cheeks, even while being chilled to perfection.

Bill uses Laird's Straight Apple Brandy in this cocktail, instead of their more widely found Applejack. "I also, as a New Jersey native, love Laird's, one of the oldest spirits produced on these shores. It was so popular in the 19th Century that New Jersey natives were known as Applejackers." The Applejack is okay to use in a pinch, Bill said, "but the straight apple brandy used here is the essence of distilled apples and is well worth seeking out."

Try your hand at this cocktail at home, or visit FINO and have Bill make one for you himself.

The Manzanal



Combine all ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake hard enough to crush raisins and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh grated nutmeg.


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