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Fall Out Boy unveil mobile game, "Fall Out Bird"

Download the "Flappy Bird" parody on the Google Play store now

Fall Out Boy released their latest mobile game, the aptly titled Fall Out Bird.

The game obviously plays off the recent, overnight popularity of Flappy Bird. The simple game offered the painfully tedious and difficult task of navigating a small bird between gaps in piping that littered his path (and looked suspiciously similar to the tubing in the Mario Bros. games). The Fall Out Boy-themed clone replaces the trademark flapping bird with winged, 8-bit renditions of the bandmates' heads.

Although the game can only be purchased on the Google Play store currently, it will be made available to IOS users pending its approval on the App Store.

Fans of the breakout IOS and Android game, Flappy Bird, were crushed earlier this week to learn that the frustratingly addictive mobile app was being taken down by its creator for ambiguous reasons. Fortunately, the rock band themed copycat now exists to fill that bird-shaped hole in their game-addicted hearts.

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