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Fall Out Boy rocks Washington DC

Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley - Fall Out Boy
Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley - Fall Out Boy
Mandi Loranger

Maybe they're not rock and roll and maybe their new album, Save Rock and Roll, has not saved anything other than a band's career but Fall Out Boy is back and they're better than ever. Unseasonably warm at 90+ degrees, that did not sway fans from arriving early to get the best spot. Fans lined up so early for the May 31 show at 930 Club in Washington DC that many were seen with pretty bad sunburn by the time doors were open at 7:00.

Fall Out Boy played Washington DC's 930 Club as part of their post-hiatus club tour
Mandi Loranger

The crowd was warmed up by a Danish band called New Politics. They had an impressive alternative rock sound and probably sold a lot of CD's to the DC crowd last Friday. In the middle of their set a breakdance break was penciled in, and highly appreciated by all. The crowd also appreciated not having to wait through 3 openers before getting to the headliners.

The sold out room was beyond hot. It felt like there wasn't air moving anywhere in the building. The crowd was sweaty and sticky but didn't seem to care. Once the riff for "Thriller" started nothing else mattered. Fall Out Boy returned and for some it felt like they never left. However anyone who saw Fall Out Boy when they were supporting their previous album, Folie a Deux, knows that this time around it was like seeing a different band. Whatever caused it, the hiatus is clearly the best thing that ever could have happened to the band. They were rested, looked healthy and happy, and sounded incredible.

The setlist was formed of a healthy mix of old and new tracks including "A Little Less 16 Candles, A Little More Touch Me," "Hum Hallelujah," "Young Volcanoes," and of course their new anthem "Save Rock and Roll" and traditional closer "Saturday." Vocalist Patrick Stump's voice was top notch and even resembled Sir Elton John when he covered the British singer's part in "Save Rock and Roll."

Just when it felt like the energy couldn't get any higher the familiar lyrics of "Where Is Your Boy/Grand Theft Autumn" filled the room. It was just about 12 songs into the set and the room erupted as though they started all over again. Stump could have stopped singing for the entire song and let the crowd perform for him. While it felt like it was over not long after it began, the band delivered 20 songs from their library.

Fall Out Boy will return to the area on September 10 when they hit the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster. For a full slideshow of photos from the 930 Club show please visit flickr.