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Fall Out Boy Releases Part 9 of The Young Blood Chronicles - "Rat A Tat"

The band who rose from the ashes and became bigger and better than ever in 2013 is making sure to make 2014 just as big. Fall Out Boy released their newest installment for their music video series, titled "The Young Blood Chronicles," early this morning. The video was stated to be the most violent in the series so far, but definitely pleased fans who had been waiting anxiously since the end of December for part 9. The video, for the tenth track on the album that was released last year, featured singer-songwriter Courtney Love.

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz stated in an earlier interview that since their latest album Save Rock and Roll gave off a happier vibe, they wanted to make a series of music videos for each track on the album that told a completely different story than just listening to the album did. The series of videos started in February 2013, with a new video released via VEVO approximately every 2 to 3 months. If the videos are watched in order, they tell a dark narrative, with guest appearances by Tommy Lee, 2Chainz, Big Sean, Foxes, and now Courtney Love. With two videos left in the series and two members of the band dead (in the videos), fans are beginning to question if the series will end on a happy note.

Watch the new music video for part 9 above or check out all of the videos of The Young Blood Chronicles on Fall Out Boy's YouTube channel.

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