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Fall of day, come anon the things of night

The graphic at this link presents a pair of photographs showing Florida State Highway Patrol trooper Daniel Cole using a Taser on an unarmed, handcuffed, 20-year-old woman by the name of Danielle Maudsley, who was left in a vegetative state from the prolonged application of the weapon on her.

According to Tampa Bay CBS news affiliate WTSB, Ms. Maudsley's family eventually had her removed from artificial life support, and she died. Trooper Daniel Cole was exonerated of any wrongdoing by the Florida Highway Patrol, and no charges were ever brought against him by prosecutors.

WTSB reports that Mr. Cole is a man who has committed repeated acts of violence under color of law, including shooting "an unarmed minister during a traffic stop as the pastor reached for his own wallet."

Daniel Cole is not a "rogue cop" in that his extreme, violent, unpunished actions can be found among countless law enforcement personnel, as chronicled, documented, and reported at sites like the daily newsfeeds from the Cato Institute's National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, the American Civil Liberties Union Blog of Rights Police Misconduct tag, Copblock, Police Crimes, and Stop Police Brutality,

Two generations ago, accusations were rightly laid upon the "bleeding heart liberals" and the justice system of that time for coddling violent street thugs. Eventually, state and federal legislators got the message, and laws were passed to set aside the cautions of liberals and the excuses of judges and juries. The prison population exploded, but crime statistics showed that the turn toward resolute punishment of wrongdoing worked.

Now, the country has turned 180 degrees, and it's men and women like Florida Highway Patrolman Daniel Cole—the agents of our detached, paranoid-of-its-own-citizens sovereign—who are being allowed their violent rampages without any fear of prosecution, imprisonment, or, in Mr. Cole's case, capital punishment. The men and women of law enforcement who commit these unconscionable acts are not normal, but they are protected from the consequences of their actions by the unyielding support of bleeding-heart conservatives and an American justice system of our current day that coddle and thereby encourage them in their actions.

Danielle Maudsley did nothing that would have merited her extrajudicial execution by a law enforcement officer who literally sneered at her pleas that she couldn't get up while he was applying continuous Taser electricity to her handcuffed body.

She died in a vegetative state holding a stuffed animal.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

That's right: nothing.

And that, fellow citizens of Empire, is the best indication of all that the twilight of our empire, bright as it might look in all the fineries of its modernity and power, has arrived: We just don't care enough to pull our society back from the brink of night, where the predators of the sovereign have neither fear nor mercy, and we—each of us and all of us—are their prey.

As if we deserve any better for what we have allowed to happen.

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