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Fall is the time for fresh mint

“When you truly understand that your food choices are powerful and life affirming, you can exercise control and restraint without deprivation.”

In many places, the beginning of September is when the weather starts to cool; the leaves start becoming golden flakes and the aromas of spices start filling the air.

In South Florida, however, the atmosphere remains hot and humid, leaves remain bright green and the air is filled with smells of sea salt and road construction with a hint of tropical fruit.

To help stay calm, cool and collected during this time of year, take some time out of the week to plant a bit of mint.

Not only does mint smell wonderfully, but it also contains high quantities of carotenes and Vitamin C. Carotenes are extremely beneficial for eye and cardiovascular health and Vitamin C works wonders for the immune system and tissue growth and repair.

Along with vitamins, mint is a great source of magnesium, copper, iron, potassium and calcium. The minerals mint provides are important for healthy blood, bones and overall well-being.

As nutrient-rich as mint is, it is not known for making taste buds explode with flavor at every bite. To get the benefits of this incredible herb, creativity is a must.

Try adding mint to sauces, fresh salads with fruit and nuts, or even main dishes, to add an extra bit of flavor. Put a few mint leaves and lemon in a glass of water to stay refreshed and hydrated in the heat and humidity, or add it to a bowl of homemade salsa for a delicious snack.

When the time to relax finally comes at the end of a long day, making fresh mint tea is a fantastic way to unwind the mind and body. Just add some fresh mint leaves to a cup of boiled water, maybe add some honey or lemon, and let the stress and toxins of the day fade away.

In South Florida, the weather stays the same, but the flavors and aromas can change. The area may not get to experience an autumn season in a pumpkin-spice filled atmosphere, but everyone can definitely experience a cooler, more refreshing – and zestier – time with the simple act of incorporating a leaf or two of mint in their everyday lives.

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