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Fall is here and it is time to think about gift giving

Tawashi Dishcloths
Tawashi Dishcloths

Crochet is such a simple way to say how much you appreciate someone during the holidays. This dishcloth is termed a Tawashi which basically means something you use for scrubbing.

The pattern begins with a 5 chain ring joined in the first stitch with a slip stitch and then doing 10 single crochets in the ring. You only use half of the single crochets going from side to side instead of around the ring. The pattern graduates in size as you crochet using increase stitches as you work. This method of crochet is called mitered crochet. You will find that working until you have 30 single crochets makes a nice size dishcloth. You can make a small blanket by continuing to add increase rows.

It is an easy pattern to follow and can be found on website. You can search for Crochet Pattern: Ribbed Mitered Square Tawashi. It has been posted on by Claire Ortega.