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Fall is here!


It seems like summer was only a few weeks long, but thankfully we get Fall before Winter. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooling down and long sleave shirts are coming onto the retail racks. We still have a few weeks before rain starts pouring every single day, but this is the time to start preparing for the brutal winter. Now when I say brutal, I know our winter is pretty good compared to the mid west blizzards, but gray skies sometimes means sad and lonely nights indoors.

To fend of this feeling of dreadedness, laziness and/or sadness remember that good things may come from this time of year.

a. EXPLORING (finding new cafes, restaurants and bars to stay warm indoors) (Ex. Sweet life, Roma, Lucky Noodle, etc.)

b. FALL/WINTER CLOTHES (scarves, boots, jeans, jackets, etc.) (The VRC is calling your name)

c. HOLIDAYS (personally Thanksgiving is my favorite, but there is Halloween, Christmas, Hanukuh, and others)

d. CATCHING UP ON READING (it takes a back seat during summer, but it is good for you!) (There are several libraries located on campus)

e. SCHOOL (if you are still in school, that is) (Go Ducks!)

f. FOOD/DRINKS (what can i say...TURKEY!)


I know the caps is a little much, but I am just trying to see the good in what is to come. I grew up in a much sunnier place than Eugene so sometimes I have to think about the good. Hope this helps!


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