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Fall into football: Regular season starts, fantasy football draws in fans

Fire up the grill!
Fire up the grill!
The Ritz-Carlton, Denver

NFL kickoff is finally here and fans everywhere are ready for some football… nationwide you’ll find men, women and kiddos are breaking out the face paint, prepping for tailgates and of course playing some fantasy football. Whether it’s with a bunch of co-workers, friends, or family, it’s a great way to be involved in the competition.
Some tips to get started before it’s too late:

1. Do your pre-draft line-up of fav players
2. Do last minute injury checks, and look for breaking headlines i.e. who got arrested, is in rehab, etc., to make sure you know what’s what.
3. Pick players from warm weather teams over cold when you have a choice—less injuries, delays and many believe it’s a good call when all else fails.
4. Have fun and support your team!!

Fantasy Football is a game where even a rookie can manage their very own dream team of NFL players and compete against other teams. So don’t forget to tune in Thursday night to start this season’s excitement—it’s a great year to be a fan and enjoy the next few months of game-days!

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