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Fall into Fitness

For Bostonians, fall is of course a time of renewal and, perhaps, reflection.

The students are returning. The city takes on a very different character. The leaves change, and the weather has a certain nip in the air. Businesses seem to get more serious again. Flip-flops start to be replaced with pumps or wingtips. Life just feels more serious.

And it happens in the fitness realm as well. It seems to be more of an issue than even in early January (resolutions time). It just seems like - now I'm going to get serious.

And here's how.

There are any number of health clubs in the area.

Women's Fitness of Boston is right downtown and, as the name implies, is single-sex. The Sports Club LA boasts several locations. The South End Fitness Center has a pool.

Plus there are any number of locations that are attached to various colleges and universities. At U Mass Boston, the Beacon Fitness Center has state of the art equipment and a pool. At Boston University, the Fitness and Recreational Center is, like most of that school, right on Commonwealth Avenue, readily accessible by the Green Line trolley (B line) or the #57 bus. The Malkin Athletic Center at Harvard boasts fencing. MIT's Zesinger Center has, among other offerings, mother and child yoga.

There is a gym for nearly every fitness level and budget.

Or, you can always walk around our fair city. Happy work out!


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