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Fall fun in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area!

Biking Season in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area!
Biking Season in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area!
Hilen Cruz

Fall finally arrived on September 22nd to the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and it is here for all of us to enjoy it! With fall come gorgeous fall colors and a wonderful weather that is perfect for all kinds of outdoors activities.

If you are into biking, visit the city of Phoenix Bicycling site for general information and detailed maps showing all Phoenix Metropolitan Area Official Biking Routes. Within this website you will also find very interesting and very important information regarding safety and bikers responsibilities while on the road. If looking for scenic but also populated routes that might offer access to amenities such as restaurants, bars, parks, lakes, and more, I’d encourage you to ride along the Tempe Town Lake in the City of Tempe. Paved and unpaved multi-use trails are available in the area. At the same time, if need be, there is plenty of access to public transportation such as buses and light rail in the area.

Other highly recommended fun and family-oriented fall activities in the area are hiking, kayaking, running, roller skating, and visiting the Phoenix Zoo and the Wild Life World Zoo & Aquarium.

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