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Fall foliage report Georgia leaf colors

Georgia autumn color tree guide
USDA/Georgia DNR

Georgia Dominant Colors: Orange and gold.

Peak Time: Early to mid-November are the best times to see fall foliage in Georgia in a TYPICAL year, in other words this is the average time of year but each year varies.

Fall color is showing across northern Georgia. Many experts think we might have an early season this year. Let's hope for more sunny days and cool, crisp nights. We've had these lately and it has really jump started the leaf color change even in the metro Atlanta area. Factor in the roller coaster temperatures and the drought and an earlier than normal leaf looking season may well be getting underway.

Dogwood, sour wood, poplar, maples and sweet gum are starting to show some color, especially in the higher elevations, but over all, across the forests of the north half to two-thirds of Georgia, fall color is still only a little over 30% of peak color. Much of the forest in lower elevations is mostly green. With that said, the trees are starting to turn color faster and will over the next two weeks. So now forward is the time to see the fall color in north Georgia. Colors are patchy in most of central and north Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Western Tennessee with some exceptions.

IN GEORGIA: Areas north of a Rome to Cumming to Athens line are nearing peak change, meaning most trees are in full color (75-100%). Deep reds and bright yellows prevail. Very little green vegetation remains. A few trees have yet to reach peak, but are showing very bright, well developed colors. These trees will peak very quickly. These areas include East TN and Western NC/SC.

Good color is showing up around Brasstown Bald now and will continue to expand. By the weekend of the 20th we'll be close to peak color across the forest.

Keep track of weather forecasts the rest of October and first part of November as rain could knock the leaves off the trees in the higher elevations where they are already changing color, and all trees from metro Atlanta north could be exposed to windy days and subsequent leaf drop. The weather in my 5 day forecast and the weather of the past week is accelerating the changeover.


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