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Fall Fashion Forecast- Looks Like We're In For a Hot Indian Summer


This fall season, colors and patterns that match the fall foliage, and “back to work” mentality seem to have made a U-Turn back into the sizzling heat of summer. Fall 2009 is all about neon eye busting colors and textures, combat boots and worn out cotton t-shirts. If you dare to possibly scare- in a fashionable sense of course, then read on:

Long, bright or extra short purple gloves is the "it" item that should be keeping your hands and arms stylish and warm this fall. Slip into various purple designs from Portolano Products, $240 to Carolina Amato, $250. Pair the gloves with a mega volt, tailored coat by Tommy Hilfiger, $498 or a girly vamped fur vest from H&M, $60.

Sudden color contrasts are what top designers are craving this season. For example to achieve such a look, sport a bright, thin turquoise or red belt worn around a chunky dark green sweater, paired with a mustard seed yellow skirt that goes past your ankles. Finalize your outfit with a pair of professional, yet edgy cadet chic booties. First pick designers include, Rachel Roy, $99 and Fergie, $119.

September happy hour specials include leggings (go for faded hues of lavender, gray, blue or green) paired with a chunky scarf (Chunky scarf- Echo, $35) and a spiked heel ( or strappy stilettos in black or charcoal menswear fabric. If you hate heels, you’re in luck, combat boots are back in and Tory Burch is the name to stump a beat to. Protect from the nippy fall breeze with a fitted biker jacket- uniform of deviants. Going for maximum amount of attitude and embellishment, find the perfect biker jacket at TopShop, for $160. If you want to remain hipster classic, try on H&M short to mid-wasted leather jackets for around $110.

On your down time from the hideous 40 hour work week, slip into a comfy pair of boy cut jeans, worn low and slightly faded along with a faded t-shirt.

Keep it sexy all day and all night with the 1920’s inspired "it" bra and brief set by 3.1 Philip Lim starting around $75, call 212-334-1160 for more information.

Photo Sources: Fur Girl - Marie Claire, Fergie Shoes, 3.1 Philip Lim, lingerie

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