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Fall Creek Falls - Lake Keowee

Fall Creek Falls on Lake Keowee is problematic because of two things. First, it is on private property, The Cliffs at Keowee Falls, a gated community. Second, the waterfall is frequently confused with others of similar name in the upstate. Another Fall Creek Falls (a set of 3) can be found near Long Creek, SC, just off Chattooga Ridge Road. Falls Creek Falls is a well-known waterfall in Jones Gap State Park.

Fall Creek Falls on Lake Keowee
Dan Goodwin
Fall Creek Falls
Dan Goodwin

From the intersection of US 178 and SC 11 above Pickens, turn left on SC 11 and follow the road until it crosses Lake Keowee. The sign on the bridge says “Keowee River.” About 3/4s of a mile past the bridge, there is an upscale shopping area on your left. Immediately past that are the dual entrances to The Cliffs at Keowee Falls. Take the left entrance to the gate house. Bear in mind, you will have to have prior clearance from The Cliffs management. Contact The Cliffs prior to your visit to set this up. Once on the property, it is about a mile and a half to the falls. From the parking area, it is just a short walk.

As it turns out, the land approach to the falls does not provide the best view anyway. Since Fall Creek drops directly into Lake Keowee, a lake approach is recommended. In the past, you could drive your boat all the way to the rock face; however, there are now large sand bars in front. Locals say the sand was generated when the golf course was built. While these sand bars prevent direct boat access to the falls, they provide wonderful beaches. Finding a time to visit the falls without several other boats and plenty of visitors on the sand can be a challenge.

With the falls, the sand and the water color of the lake, which serves as the base pool, this waterfall is very attractive. Standing in at about 30 feet, the flow moves over many small tiers as it serpentines down the rock face.