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Fall Classes

Learn Beyond The Book History class
Learn Beyond The Book History class
Elmarie Hyman

What do you do when you have multiple ages to teach in your homeschool and it just isn't working to teach them all at the same time? Feeling frustrated that one of your children isn't getting what they need academically because you are not an expert in the field of what they really want to study? Maybe you just want them to have more friends and social time? It might be time to consider a homeschool class or two at a co-op or learning center while you work with the other children.

I remember the days when my 4 children were all depending on me for all of their education and the only way we got as much done as we did was with the help of classes.

Learn Beyond The Book just released their Fall 2014 class schedule. It includes everything from Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and PE (all the core subjects) and tons of special interest subjects like French, Intro to Film Genres, Art, lots of Music classes, Video Game Design, Computer Programming, Debate, Commercial Acting, Improv & Theater, there is something for everyone ages 5+! There are also lots of classes mixing different subjects like the Early Modern Times unit studies, some unit studies centering around Science as well as mixing Art History with Creative Writing! So many great hands-on, project-based class options for homeschoolers to learn together.

There will be an Open House Friday afternoon, May 23, 4:30-6:30pm where parents and students can come meet teachers and ask all their questions. The location for Learn Beyond The Book is 21704 Golden Triangle Road unit 410, Santa Clarita, CA 91350. At 6:30-8:30pm, there will be a Presentation of Learning event where students will exhibit work from this semester as well. Registration for the Fall semester will open as well at the Open House with a 10% discount for classes registered for at the event.

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