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Fall brings dusting of snow, cold temps, hungry trout and events

Though I'm not catching a lot of fish on the San Juan, the trailer is sure getting a lot of attention.
Though I'm not catching a lot of fish on the San Juan, the trailer is sure getting a lot of attention.
Photos by Brian La Rue

Funny how the first days of fall gave us a taste of winter this week. Snow on the Reno foothills, flurries in the city and aggressive trout in the Truckee are responding. Reports of bigger fish counts are pouring in as browns and rainbows are taking bugs more readily including streamers, midges and streamers.

Snow on the hills in and around Reno means big changes along Truckee
Photo by Brian La Rue

This is a great time to get out and try the Truckee. Now that mornings are a little colder, many "fair weather folks" are still indoors making for wide open river and little crowds. Rig up with something like a tiger, blood or zebra midge, pheasant tail or prince or swing black and tan streamers early for good results.

Try a larger streamer like a conehead muddler, triple double or a sculpin. In addition to this streamer action, anglers have had success with crayfish patterns and your standard midges with a white bead. One of the hottest midge patterns has been a black with red wrap and a white head.

I personally have been having luck with a custom pattern that features an olive peacock body with brown hackle emerging from the top and bottom. I've fished it behind a San Juan worm and out of the last 30 fish I've caught on the last two outings combined, only two fish have hit the worm but the basic brown/peacock emerger is killing it.

Also, if you'd like more information about the Truckee and streamer fishing in particular, come out to Orvis Reno on Saturday Oct. 5 as Josh Duerr will not only tie up some good fall streamers, but give anglers insight as to where and how to fish streamers in the fall. The day also offers a full list of activities at the shop including a pancake breakfast.

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