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Fall 2013 Vera Wang bridal collection hot off the runway

The slide show above, shows the newest additions to the Vera Wang collections that were just shown at Bridal Fashion Week. Vera Wang has established herself as a top contender for best bridal designer worldwide, her gowns are a popular choice for celebrity weddings. Her much awaited Fall 2013 collection features all ivory gowns. Gone are the colored gowns and black accessories from previous seasons. The new collection is a return to the time-tested ivory color that the majority of brides still prefer for their weddings.
The new collection still maintains her signature style; the interesting use of fabric to create unique texture and volume in the skirt of all the gowns in her collection. Only Vera knows how to do this just right to make it look like an effortless cascade of fabric that moves just right as the bride walks, when in actual fact it is a difficult balancing act to incorporate so much fabric in the skirt and still manage to make the dress look weightless and flattering.

Fall 2013 Vera Wang Collection  hot off the runway
Vera Wang
Vera Wang Fall 2013
Vera Wang