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Falcor, stray dog rescued from Texas shelter by Jurassic Bark, is healing well

Jurassic Bark Rescue

Thanks to Jurassic Bark Rescue, and the dedicated staff at Stafford Oaks Vet Hospital, Falcor is healing. Facebook: Jurassic Bark Rescue posted an update on February 9 saying this sweet giant is now back with his foster mom, Kellye LeBoff.

Falcor healing well after one week of TLC
Facebook: Jurassic Bark Rescue

It's hard to believe only a week has passed since Falcor was rescued from Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas. He was picked up by the rescue last Sunday, and delivered into the caring hands of Dr. Heather Putska the following day. Dr. Putska stated Falcor had the worst case of Demodex mange she has ever treated.

The swelling has gone down on Falcor, making it evident just how emanciated he had become. He's catching up on his eating by consuming six to eight cups of food at a sitting. The staff of Jurassic Park has been armed with heavy duty antibiotics, skin ointment and medication for a massive ear infection.

Falcor will have to make twice a week vet visits, where he'll receive a special medicated bath for his skin infections. The staff at Stafford Oaks will see him for treatment every Monday and Thursday for the next four weeks.

The results haven't come in on the MRSA test. Until then, just look at the improvement this gentle giant has made in only one week. Kellye said Falcor slept most of the day Saturday after getting home. He never cries or complains, and is being such a sweetie, despite his condition.

Jurassic Bark would like to thank everyone who has donated to his care. They hope to catch up on getting receipts out to the donors today. If you'd like to help with Falcor's vet expenses, you can do so by clicking here. Stafford Oaks Vet Hospital is also taking payments and can be reached at (281)499-3538.

Once healed, Falcor will be placed into a loving forever home. Jurassic Bark has an excellent adoption requirement. The dog must spend a night in the potential adopter's home. If for any reason the dog has to come back to their rescue, they have to be close. Therefore, Falcor will have to be adopted in state.

Please continue to share Falcors story as he displays the courage Saint Bernard's are known for.

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