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'Faking it': the 4 hair tricks every woman should know


We all know that a woman's hairstyle says a lot about her: her age, where she's from, even her day job. But what if we don't want to be so obvious for once? What if we just want to be someone else for a day? That's where "faking it" comes in. And let's face it, women are really good at that. Here are the four fake-styles that every woman should know:

Bang: Want a little "bang" action with out the commitment? Part hair deep to one side. Brush over forehead and tuck behind ear. Pairs lovely with a ponytail, or wear it down. Just beware, this will knock five years off your age. Bring your ID, you'll be getting carded.

The Bob: If the past four years have proven anything, it's that the Bob has gone from"trendy" to timeless. But if you aren't ready to take the plunge: Pull hair into a low ponytail, tuck under and pin at the nape of the neck. Instant sophistication, as if you could get any classier than you already are.

Beach Hair: Not really born in California? Says who? Spritz damp hair with a salt spray (try Aquage's Sea Salt Spray) and scrunch for messy waves. For a more intense waves, braid hair and leave in overnight. Separate the waves the next morning for a real surfer-girl appeal.

Big Hair: Want to transform limp hair? You've gotta tease it first. Blow-dry and style hair as usual. Separate a triangular section of hair on the top of the head and pin aside, this part will remain untouched. Then tease the sides and the crown of the head by spraying one inch sections with hair spray (try Aquage Finishing Spray). Take a fine tooth comb and brush hair downward about two inches from scalp. Last, unpin the hair from the top of head to cover the teased hair. Brush out with a smoothing brush. Warning:This will produce out-of-control-volume.

Try these new looks on for size and go ahead, be a new woman for the day-- or night. Your secret's safe with me. It's your new hair, just be careful what you do with it ;)


  • Mela -- Boston Beauty Solution Examiner 5 years ago

    I think my favorite part of this article was the beach hair suggestion. I love Aquage and use it daily! You'd be surprised how cool you can look with beach hair and a leather trench!

  • Amy 5 years ago

    Love all the info you give on hair for the young at heart. How about some tips for the older generation like "Grandmothers". Been dying my hair for ages at home, seems like there isn't a hair brand I have used that the dye stays stable for longer than a couple of weeks. Use special shampoos for dyed hair, still doesn't help.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Sarah - Hartford Budget Fashion Examiner 5 years ago

    I love the "bang without the commitment." I just tried it, and it looks super chic. Very simple and very pretty.