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‘Faking It’ season finale gets a ‘Burnt Toast’ on MTV

Faking It logo
Faking It logo
Photo courtesy of MTV used with permission

Tonight’s MTV season finale episode of “Faking It,” was titled “Burnt Toast.” Amy and Karma are two best friends, Amy is played by Rita Volk, and Karma is played by Katie Stevens. These two truly love each other, but not in the same way. Amy is in love with Karma, but Karma loves Amy as her best friend. When these two besties faked a lesbian relationship, they became celebrities at their liberal high school. But Karma loves Liam, not Amy.

As the episode begins, Karma and Liam are having a moment of reminiscence from the movie Ghost, as she is at the potter’s wheel and he is behind her shirtless. When he agrees to meet her the next day, she tells him that Amy’s mother and Lauren’s dad are getting married the next day. They also agree to keep their relationship a secret for about six months.

As Amy and Karma are talking, her mother comes in wearing her bridal gown, and asking the two of them to stop showing affection for each other because Amy’s grandmother is downstairs. She also asks that they keep an eye on grandma, so there is not a repeat of her actions at a family funeral.

As Karma gets a text from Liam, she lies and tells Amy that it was from her mother, wishing Amy luck at the wedding. When Shane jumps in Liam’s car, he tells Liam that he has a stalker; none other than Pablo. As he shows Liam the pictures he sent, he sees a picture of Karma at the wedding, and decides to crash the wedding, so Shane can tell Pablo to get lost, with the ulterior motive of seeing Karma.

When Amy’s grandmother wants to drink, she asks for her flask back, and the girls oblige. Then she asks Karma (who she calls Carmen) to get her a ginger ale chaser. When she asks the waiter for a ginger ale, he turns around and it is Liam, who proceeds to kiss her.

While Shane is walking around picking up empty glasses, he overhears Lauren telling Pablo what a terrible person Shane is. Suddenly, Karma hears hers and Amy’s song playing, so they dance, and when they fall on the floor laughing, her mother asks to speak with her outside.

As the bride and groom were cutting the cake, Amy told Karma that her mother grounded her for two weeks. Then they introduced the bridal party, so Amy had to go. When Liam summoned Karma to come under the table with him, she reassured him that the two girls were not lovers, and she loved his insecurity. Liam said that his family were a bunch of liars, and they made a pinky swear to never lie to each other.

Meanwhile, Lauren made a toast to her father and new mother, as she was the maid of honor, and a sappy one at that. She went on and on about how she loves Farrah, who is the mother she never had, blah, blah, blah. Next, it was Amy’s turn, who admitted that she sucked at giving speeches. She then spoke from her heart. She said how lucky her mother was to have fallen in love with her best friend. She just wished everyone was that lucky.

When Karma confronted Amy, she understood why she flipped out each time Karma mentioned Liam; she realized that Amy had feelings for her. Amy told Karma that she loved her, and Karma told her that she loved her too; but not like that, and Lauren was behind the door listening to the entire thing.

When Amy came downstairs to have some champagne, Lauren came to her with a piece of wedding cake. She told her that she eats cake when she gets dumped, and admitted to overhearing the conversation.

Shane told Liam the entire story, that Karma was lying to him that Amy was fine with their relationship, and now he is mad at Karma and will not believe another thing she says.

As Pablo walked past Shane, he was surprised to see him and Shane asked him how he does it? How does he always do the right thing, when he does not always do what is right? Then Pablo told him that he was no angel, and quoted a Cherokee legend about right and wrong. When Shane kissed him, he told him that he was celibate, and would not have sex until he was married. Shane promised he could wait as the two continued to kiss.

As the catering truck was pulling away, an inebriated Amy stood looking into Liam’s eyes. As the episode ended, it was Amy in bed with Liam as the season closed on “Faking It.”

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