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‘Faking It’ recap of ‘We Shall Overcompensate’ episode on MTV

On Faking It Karma chained herself to the school door
On Faking It Karma chained herself to the school door
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

This recent episode of “Faking It,” titled “We Shall Overcompensate,” aired on MTV about two BFFs named Amy and Karma, who are trying desperately to fit in at their high school. Amy is played by Rita Volk, and Karma is played by Katie Stevens. In the pilot episode, they decided to pretend they were gay to fit in with the crowd at this liberal high school they attend. When they were elected to run for Homecoming Queens, things started getting interesting.

As the episode begins, the two friends are talking about having a secret boyfriend, in addition to being lesbians. Amy is truly crazy about Karma, but she is only going along with the prank and really loves Liam. Now a group is protesting a donation from a high-tech company. They will give them phones and tablets, but will then own everything they put on the devices. Now the group is conducting a sit-in at their school and wearing shirts with Occupy Hester on them. As Karma is hoping to sneak away with Liam, another girl named Soleil is ready to steal him. Shane told her that it is a pro-mance between the two. Each time there is a protest about something, the two hook up. As Karma tries to keep them apart, she chains herself to the school door. When Soleil brings cupcakes from a vegan bakery, Karma calls for a hunger strike.

When Soleil addresses the crowd, her passion for the cause is appealing to him. Karma gets up in front of the crowd and sings a song, while playing the guitar. However, as she was singing, she was only looking at Liam, and ignoring Amy. When Amy complains to Karma about her crush on the cutest boy in school, they argue, so Amy kisses a boy who really likes her, and then apologizes to him.

Lauren is working against the protest with a teacher who is also against the protest, but her help comes at a price, and Lauren makes several demands in exchange for her assistance.

Karma sees Liam getting into a limo with Soleil. As Amy is still upset, she confides in Shane about the two lesbians faking their love for each other. She knows that Karma is straight, but she is unsure of her sexuality on this episode of “Faking It.”