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‘Faking It’ recap of ‘Pilot’ episode on MTV

Karma and Amy are Faking It on MTV
Karma and Amy are Faking It on MTV
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

The recent “Pilot” episode of “Faking It,” aired on MTV about two BFFs named Amy, the blonde and Karma, with auburn hair, who are trying desperately to fit in at their high school. Amy is played by Rita Volk, and Karma is played by Katie Stevens. Their do-anything approach has its own roadblocks, as both feel that their home life is a bit out of the ordinary as they talk to each other on the phone in their separate Austin, Texas homes.

Karma’s spacey mother knocks on her door on this Friday morning with chamomile tea, because she read her daughter’s chart and a major shift may upset her tummy. After her mother leaves, she tells Amy, she wishes she had a normal mother. Just then Amy opens the door of her room to see her mother steaming a dress and gives her a peppy greeting in her Southern drawl.

Hester High School, a liberal school is so tolerant, that the outcasts are the “in crowd.” As Karma fakes temporary blindness by wearing large dark glasses, she walks arm-in-arm with Amy by the school before class. As they walk Amy wants to know how she will explain that she was fine the night before, so she tells her a tumor is pressing on her optic nerve. Just then a Frisbee comes by them as someone yells to watch out, and the scam is over as Karma catches it.

The girls are tired of teetering on the edge of the social ladder and need something to boost their popularity. Karma does not want them to become weirdoes that make their own organic juices and sell them at a farmer’s market. Amy asks; if she means her parents? To that she answers, correct. Karma wants a date for the prom. But she is trying to get them invited to a party tomorrow night. Amy reminded Karma that cute boys make her barf, but she stated she had overcome that affliction.

Just then, Lauren, Amy’s step-sister comes by and tells them they have to move from “her” bench. She hates the school and had it not been for her father checking out Christian Mingle; she would not live in the same house with her, after her father fell for a weather girl. Amy countered that her mother was a meteorologist. Lauren even has two female flunkies with her who answer to her beck and call. She answers with her standard “whatever” and blames Amy’s mother for her being at this cum by ya, socialist freak show of a high school. Amy told her not to piss her off, she knew where she keeps her toothbrush. Then she told Amy not to threaten her in her own house, but Amy told her it was hers long before she came there. Then Lauren told her and Karma to hop in their boat and go back to the island of Lesbos where they came from. When two guys came by, they asked if that was a real place?

The guys gave their condolences that they had to deal with that hairball of hate, they told them that last week, when they took her parking space, she called them a communist. They introduced themselves as Liam and Shane. When Karma tried to tell them her name, she started to throw up and ran away, so Amy told them she had bad cramps and introduced herself. Then they invited them to their party the next night, if she was up to it.

As the guys walked away, Shane told Liam he always wanted to have lesbian friends. At the party, the girls sat observing, then Lauren showed up uninvited with a football player and refused to leave.

As Karma was getting beers for her and Amy, a Liam walked into her and spilled the beer all over her top, making her top see-through. She quickly put on a jacket and apologized, but he appreciated the view. When Shane came outside to talk to Amy about being gay, she tried to tell him she was not gay and as he further tried to get her admission, she decided to leave. When Karma was talking to Liam, he also spoke about her being gay, when Amy grabbed her and tried to get her out of there.

Before they could leave, Shane stood up and asked for everyone’s attention and told the group that there were two people there who were hiding in a tiny dark closet because they were afraid that they would reject them. Then he said at Hester High, everyone is accepted, and he held up their arms in triumph and elected them homecoming queens, as Lauren fumed.

The next day, they were debating about the happenings of the night before. Should they admit they are gay, and go along with the hoax, or tell the truth and no longer be popular? When Karma stated that Liam was flirting with her, Amy told her that he could have any girl he wanted and insulted her. Just as they walked into the school, the entire group they were with at the party, had banners and signs encouraging everyone to vote for them for homecoming queens. Then they spotted Lauren, who was also running, ripping down all the signs.

When Amy spotted Karma sitting with a girl who was visibly pregnant, she asked her what she was doing? Karma told her that last week, only three people in the school knew their names, and one was the lunch lady. So they decided to go with the plan, because they were getting a lot of positive attention and starting liking it. However, Karma saw Liam and a sculpture he was making. After talking to him a while, Amy and another friend spotted them kissing.

In the locker room, the two were talking and finally, Amy stated she was no longer pretending she was a lesbian and not doing it anymore. However, Lauren was lurking behind the lockers and grinning from ear to ear. While Karma was sitting on the school steps, Liam stopped by and sat with her. He asked where her girlfriend was, and she told him they broke up. He hoped it was not because of their kiss. Then she started opening up to him and told him she did not have peanut butter for a decade because she has an allergy. He shared his sandwich with her, and she truly did miss the taste. But as she talked about Amy and all the great things she did, she jumped up and had to find her.

When she found her sitting on the roof of the school, she apologized for dragging her into this crazy scheme. After using several analogies to emphasize their friendship, Amy went along with the plan.

In the auditorium, Lauren was making her speech about tradition and how she deserved their votes. Next Karma and Amy were introduced to the applause. Then Lauren rushed to the microphone and stated that they were not really Lesbians, just pretending so everyone would like them, she stated she overheard them talking in the locker room. As Karma tried to explain, Amy cut her off and said if they were faking it; would she do this, and planted a loving kiss on her lips for all to see and applaud on this episode of “Faking It.”

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