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‘Faking It’ recap of ‘Homecoming Out’ episode on MTV

Liam and Shane best buds of the Faking It lesbians
Liam and Shane best buds of the Faking It lesbians
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

This recent episode of “Faking It,” titled “Homecoming Out,” aired on MTV about two BFFs named Amy and Karma, who are trying desperately to fit in at their high school. Amy is played by Rita Volk, and Karma is played by Katie Stevens. In the pilot episode, they decided to pretend they were gay to fit in with the crowd at this liberal high school they attend. When they were elected to run for Homecoming Queens, things started getting interesting.

As the episode begins, Karma is making love to Liam, who she really loves, but the alarm rings and ends her dream. When she turns over, Amy is in her bed, and they start kissing. But the alarm rings, and ends Amy’s dream. So each is dreaming about who they are in love with, but things are not the same. When Amy finally comes to, she throws the alarm clock at the door, but it is open, as her evil step-sister Lauren is measuring her room and decides she is taking it over because she lost her crown to Amy and Karma. If Amy does not go along with it, she will tell her parents that she is a lesbian.

In Karma’s room, Amy is relating the story about Lauren to her best friend, when her parents come in to congratulate them for coming out. Karma’s parents are super-liberal and thrilled that these two are lovers as well as friends.

At school, they are collecting for the Homecoming Dance. When Lauren attempts to get tickets, she is being charged $50 because she is bringing her boyfriend. Those with dates of the same sex, get in free. As Karma keeps running into Liam, the sparks continue to fly between them.

Amy wants Shane to be her date for the prom, just so her mother sees her with a boy. He promised himself when he came out, that he would never do that again, but when she reminded him, it was his fault she was in this mess; he agreed. Then she told him to butch it up a bit, at least while they were together in front of her parents.

While Karma and Liam were together, when he reached to unbuckle her belt, she hesitated and then told him it was her first time with a guy. When she gave him the go ahead, someone walked into the art studio, so that ended it.

When Shane arrived at Amy’s house, he wore a sleeveless cowboy shirt and a cowboy hat. She told him to butch it up, but not look like Matthew McConaughey from Magic Mike. He told her that was a butch as he gets. When her mother came to take the picture, she was all excited because she got her first assignment in the field; to interview the lesbian homecoming queens. Uh-oh!

Liam texted Karma to meet him in his car in five minutes, so she told Amy, that she would be a woman soon and told her where they were going. When he said to her that he was waiting for this for so long; she asked him how long; he asked, to have sex with a lesbian? When she heard that, she left and returned to the dance. She wants her first time to be with someone who loves her for herself, not for what she is pretending to be.

When her mother came to take the pictures, she saw Karma with the crown, and asked Amy where her date was? Amy then told her, she was her date, and her mother nearly had a coronary.

When she danced with Amy, she told her about the almost encounter. Amy was delighted that nothing happened, because she is really in love with Karma. As the two resumed dancing, Amy was now thrilled that Karma did not have sex with Liam. Then Karma stated that she was going to make him fall in love with her on this episode of “Faking It.”

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