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‘Faking It’ helps to ‘Know They Selfie’ episode on MTV

Can two best friends pull of the masquerade of being Lesbians?
Can two best friends pull of the masquerade of being Lesbians?
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

This Tuesday’s episode of “Faking It,” titled “Know Thy Selfie,” aired on MTV about two BFFs named Amy and Karma, who are trying desperately to fit in at their high school. Amy is played by Rita Volk, and Karma is played by Katie Stevens. In the pilot episode, they decided to pretend they were gay to fit in with the crowd at this liberal high school they attend. When they were elected to run for Homecoming Queens, things started getting interesting.

As the episode begins, Karma calls Amy again, but she will not answer the phone. As she leaves her a message, she tells her that she was right about Liam, and that she misses her. Just as she hangs up, her parents drive by the school with their juice truck.

When Amy spots a message from Karma on her phone, she spots Oliver, who made her an origami crane. She is pre-occupied and takes it from him and hurries away. When she spots Shane, she tells him he has to help her find a girlfriend, so she and Karma can be best friends again.

As Karma’s parents are readying the truck, Karma is not sure she wants them to be there, but they tell her they need the money. As she is walking away from the truck, she spots Liam, who asks her if she got his text? She sloughs off his question abruptly and walks away. When her mother sees his dejection, she comes over and hugs him tightly.

Shane takes Amy to a lesbian coffee shop, that is lesbians by day and a gay bar at night. As Amy tries flirting with women, she is turning them off, rather than on. So Shane shows her a dating website to find women and helps set up her profile. He does not like what she wrote, but two minutes later, she got a message from a hot woman. Now she has him helping her dress the part.

As Liam was helping Karma’s parents at the juice truck, she happened by as they were praising him for having integrity. When Karma heard that, she was outraged, because she believed he was sleeping with the woman at the protest from Squirkle, but Liam confessed that it was his sister.

When Amy left her house, Liam agreed to wait there for her. As he walked out of her room, he saw the sign on the door for Lauren’s room. He gently opened the door, as she was naked on the bed, taking selfies. He apologized, but she called him back.

While Amy was meeting Jasmine, they were having a cup of coffee together, and as Amy reached over to kiss her, she withdrew and questioned her action. Amy just got up, apologized and left. Outside the shop, as she sat alone, Jasmine came out and sat next to her. She asked her to pretend it did not happen. Jasmine asked her what else was going on, and she told her she kissed her best friend Karma, and now nothing makes sense. Jasmine empathized with her and told her it happened to her. Being with her was torture after that, so she told Amy if it crashes and burns, to call her, and she will try to pick up the pieces.

When Karma went to the tool shop, Liam was busy, but she interrupted him and apologized. He told her that his father was the president of Squirkle, and his sister is being groomed to take over the company when he retires, but they are very image conscious, and he is not. She told him her parents were image aware too, but not in a rich sense, but they just want to be alternative. She felt that when she came out, they were so excited because it was the most interesting thing about her. As she was leaving, he stated that it was not the most interesting thing about her. As she walked back to him, they kissed, and as she lifted his shirt, she told him it was alright, because she was ready. Then he told her that he just could not.

When Amy arrived, Shane was reading her diary. He asked how it went, but she told him Jasmine was great, but she was a hot mess. He offered to help her try again, but she admitted she just wanted Karma. He said she was a Karmasexual, and to tell her how she feels. She is fearful that it would make their relationship awkward, and they will drift apart. He told her to answer all the texts Karma was sending all day and to tell her how she feels about her once and for all. When the phone would not stop ringing, she picked it up and talked to Karma on this episode of “Faking It.”

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