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‘Faking It’ finds out it takes ‘Three to Tango’ on MTV

On Faking It did Liam go through with the three way?
On Faking It did Liam go through with the three way?
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

Tonight’s MTV episode of “Faking It,” was titled “Three to Tango.” Amy and Karma, who were trying desperately to fit in, decided to pretend they were gay to fit in with the crowd at this liberal high school they attend. Amy is played by Rita Volk, and Karma is played by Katie Stevens.

As the episode begins, Amy is conferring with her mentor, Shane, who tells her she should go along with Karma’s suggestion of having a threesome with Liam. So Amy goes and tells Karma her decision.

When Shane walked into the room where he practiced his yoga, it was now a dance studio where Lauren was practicing for the Lone Star Texas Team Dancing Competition. When her partner arrives, he is in a leg cast because he was hurt working for Habitat for Humanity last week. She freaked out, because she needs a partner. Shane volunteers to step in and with little time, there is no other choice. Besides, Shane likes her partner, he just does not like Lauren.

When Karma and Amy encounter Liam, they make a date for the threesome. Liam is shocked that they are really going through with it, and seemed a bit nervous. Both Amy and Karma assured him that it will be just fine.

At the dance studio, Shane and Pablo clicked immediately, but Lauren is determined to win, so she breaks it up quickly.

Liam phones Shane to tell him how concerned he is about the threesome, and wants his advice. While two friends who were fighting are in the principal’s office, Liam goes to the condom jar and takes a handful. His friends give him plenty of admiration, as they find out what is about to occur. He is fulfilling every straight guy’s fantasy, although he is scared out of his wits.

When Karma tries on lingerie, and asks Amy’s opinion, it suddenly becomes real to Amy, who is told she can back out if she wants to, but denies that she would do that to her friend. Karma then suggest she and Amy rehearse.

At the dance studio, Shane and Lauren are practicing the paso doble. Pablo explains the dance is based on the bullfight, and Shane is the matador and Lauren is his cape. She shows the guys her dress and the plain boring suit Shane will wear; although he felt he has more flash than that. As they dance, Lauren tries to dissuade Shane from falling for Pablo, because he feels she does not want to lose her best gay friend to her worst gay enemy.

At Amy’s house, they borrow a couple of her meteorologist mother’s trench coats for their practice session. When they start to kiss, Karma puts her hand over Amy’s mouth and kisses her hand passionately. When she tells Amy that she will then make an excuse to leave, Amy is surprised.

Amy continues to call Shane, who talked her into the threesome, but he is dancing and does not answer any of her messages. As Amy leaves the latest message, it suddenly comes to her, that he told her to shape her own destiny. Now she knows that she will make sure Karma wants her to stay.

As the dance competition is about to begin, Shane shows up in a flashy matador costume and Lauren has a fit and walks out. Pablo goes to get her and tells Shane that the move to Austin has her very upset.

Meanwhile, Liam’s two friends are choreographing his threesome in a hotel room. Liam feels that it is a bit sleazy, but they tell him it is not a Taylor Swift video. Then they give him the three “Fs” of what he must do for the three way. First, is Fitness, he must be properly manscaped, and they had clippers with them if needed. Next, is Fairness, to give each girl equal time and kiss the girl he is less into first. The last is Fortitude, if he is ready to go all night and please both ladies, because the last thing he wants to be, is Flaccid. And now they have him as scared as Amy was.

Back stage at the dance competition, Lauren will not accept Shane’s apology, and tells him that she would have done the same thing, because they are a lot alike; arrogant, self-centered and controlling. She tells him to face it; they are both not good people. He begs to differ, and states that he cares about issues, and she tells him only the issues that concern him. She does not want him to break Pablo’s heart, because he is a romantic, while Shane is not. As their names are called, she tells him to keep the gay outfit on, because she wants to win.

At the hotel, the three sit on the edge of the bed with Liam in the middle. Nobody wants to make the first move. Finally, Amy stands up and drops the trench coat and asks if it is a threesome or a staring contest? She is wearing a black bikini and looked awesome.

At the end of the dance contest, Shane was disappointed that they only won third place, but Lauren was thrilled because, they will be in the next step and by then, Pablo should be ready to dance. When Lauren ran to change, the guys started talking, and Pablo asked Shane if he wanted to go with him on Sunday, as a date. However, Shane told him that he did not want to break his heart, and agreed that Lauren said he was a nice guy. Shane then quickly kissed him and ran off.

At the hotel, Amy was taking the lead, as she and Karma stood face to face and Liam sat on the edge of the bed watching. When Amy kissed Karma passionately, Karma was shocked at how she felt. Liam then got up and kissed Amy, and Karma said she could not do this and walked out on this episode of “Faking It.”

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