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‘Faking It’ finds out ‘Faking Up Is Hard to Do’ on MTV

Are they or are they not breaking up on Faking It?
Are they or are they not breaking up on Faking It?
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

Tonight’s MTV episode of “Faking It,” was titled “Faking Up Is Hard to Do.” Amy and Karma, two best friends, who were trying desperately to fit in, decided to pretend they were gay to fit in with the crowd at this liberal high school they attend. Amy is played by Rita Volk, and Karma is played by Katie Stevens.

As the episode begins, Karma and Amy decide to break up, but remain friends. Since they have become celebrities at their school, they take a line from the celebrities in Hollywood who break up, but continue to remain civilized. It did not take long for the news to spread that Karma and Amy were breaking up.

When Karma went to see Liam, she was reprimanded for involving him in this debacle. As the school newspaper editor wanted an exclusive, Karma agreed and then told Amy. So they met with her and told her they had different visions for their future. Karma wants to go to a large state school, while Amy wants a small liberal arts school. After that Amy stated that she changed her mind and did want to go to a large state school as Karma was shocked, then Amy said sometimes they push the things away that they really want. When the reporter saw they had mixed opinions, she stated that they may be hiding the real reason for the split; mainly, the threesome with Liam Booker. Hearing this, both Karma and Amy were flabbergasted.

As Liam and Shane were leaving school, Lauren, who heard about the threesome too, had a bullhorn, an entourage, and asked Liam how many more hearts will he break? Then telling him that women are not only sex objects. When Shane told Lauren she had it all wrong about Liam, she told him that she did not care about Liam, because she finally is the ringleader of a group of women, and she told him things would be changing around there now.

The next day, as Liam was cleaning off his car, that someone wrote, “Home Wrecker” all over, he told Shane how annoyed he was about ever getting involved in this entire mess. So Shane decided to take the heat off Liam. Against Liam’s wishes, he went ahead and met up with Lauren’s two pets; Elizabeth and Layla. First, he bribed them with delicious ice cream sodas, which Lauren will not allow them to have. Then he asked them for some real dirt on Lauren. Chewing her pens, and having her period every other week were not real scandals. But then Elizabeth said something about “those pills.”

Then Karma went to the reporter to tell her that the breakup was not Liam Booker’s fault. Her sources thought otherwise, as she has a picture of when Amy and Liam tried to avoid each other, and finally held hands and spun around to get by. She had just a picture of them holding hands, which was totally misinterpreted. When Karma saw the picture, she said they broke up because of Amy’s sex addiction.

When the word got out, Amy confronted Karma, about the sex addiction thing, and she told her about the picture she saw of her and Liam. Then it hit Amy that Karma was jealous. She told Karma that she sounded like a horny parrot, that all it ever said was, Liam Booker, Liam Booker, Liam Booker! Then she said they should break up for real.

As Lauren was gathered with her new entourage, Shane came by to ask Lauren about “those pills” she does not want anyone to know about.

When the principal started the messages, she introduced Karma who wanted to clear things up. She admitted on the public address system, that she had invited Liam to the threesome. She then said that she never meant to hurt Amy and apologized. When Amy heard this, she ran to Karma and hugged her as the entire school applauded.

As the two of them sat on the grass, a large group kept chanting for them to kiss. When they did, the crowd disbursed, and they were alone. Karma then told Amy that they still should break up, but not until this all blows over. Now Amy is sad again, and so is Liam, who thinks the two are a couple again.

When Karma went to talk to Liam, he did not want to speak to her. However, she convinced him, that she and Amy are best of friends, but are going to break up anyway. He was elated, and told her that he was falling for her, she told him that she would be happy to catch him on this episode of “Faking It.”

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