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‘Faking It’ begins to ‘Remember the Croquembouche’ episode on MTV

Amy played by Rita Volk
Amy played by Rita Volk
Photo courtesy of MTV used with permission

Tonight’s MTV episode of “Faking It,” was titled “Remember the Croquembouche.” Amy and Karma, who were trying desperately to fit in, decided to pretend they were gay to fit in with the crowd at this liberal high school they attend. Amy is played by Rita Volk, and Karma is played by Katie Stevens.

As the episode begins, Amy is in her room arranging her things, when Karma shows up and tells her it is their weekend to be together. Unfortunately, it is her mother’s shower weekend, for when she marries Lauren’s dad. Lauren is just like Amy’s mother, and the two get along like peanut butter and jelly. Lauren has arranged the entire shower and even ordered a croquembouche from a ritzy bakery in Dallas. When Amy asks her mother if Karma can stay for the weekend, Lauren tells her that it should not be right for them to be together if her boyfriend cannot stay over, and does not want to make her mother’s friends uncomfortable. Her mother says Karma can stay, but to help Lauren with the shower, and because Lauren is going to Dallas to get the cake, they should drive there together and become closer. (Barf!)

On the way to the bakery, everything the friends said was sneered at by Lauren. When Amy sat in the back with Karma, she tried to massage the knot out of her back, and when she oohed, Karma told them to stop acting like lesbians, because she knew the truth. They deferred by stating they were acting like best friends.

Liam went to a gay bar with Shane because he knew there would be lots of straight girls there on the rebound, who are looking for a gay friend. Liam was striking out with every guy he met; they all were so gloomy.

At the shower, Lauren was fawning all over Amy’s mother trying to show up her real daughter. Finally, Amy gave her mother a gift, a CD of all the songs they used to sing in the car since she was small. Lauren then pushed her away and gave her gift. It was a hair comb with pearls, she said it was something old, and now she just needed something new. Amy’s mother then hugged Lauren and told her that she was her something new. Amy had enough and told everyone at the shower that Lauren actually hated her mother and was just putting on an act to make her look bad. When Amy stood near the cake, and called it a cake, Lauren corrected the name, that is when Amy had enough and took a piece and threw it at Lauren. Suddenly, it was a cake fight, and when the mother tried to break it up, she was hit with the cake and sent both girls to their rooms. In the bathroom, as the two tried to wash off the cake from their hair, Amy said she knew that Lauren hated her mother, and Lauren differed that she no longer does. She even stated that her mother was the only friend she had in this town, and they liked shopping and getting pedicures and lots of stuff alike.

When Amy’s mother came up to her room, she told Karma that she would have to leave, and asked Amy why she felt she had to ruin her day. She asked if it was because she was having a difficult time with her being a lesbian?

When Shane spotted police coming into the bar, he hurriedly whisked Liam out of the place, so they would not be charged with underage drinking. Liam was so anxious to meet someone and get laid, that he was willing to take the risk. As they were walking home, he confessed that he nearly had sex with a girl, but he just could not because it did not feel right, Now he cannot stop thinking about her, and she will not answer his texts.

Before she left, Karma told Amy how sorry she was that her mother chose Lauren to be her maid of honor instead of her. She told her that she would be her maid of honor someday, and they will laugh about the croquembouche. Then she told Amy that she and Liam were about to have sex, but he pulled away from her. She thinks it is because he is not attracted to her, but Amy knows otherwise.

When Karma was walking home, Liam was outside her house. He told her he was texting her all day, but she remembered that it was supposed to be girls weekend and her phone was off. But then she stated, when you are a lesbian, every weekend is girls weekend. The reason why he could not be with her was because she belongs to someone else. He would never go with a girl who has a boyfriend, and will not go with someone who has a girlfriend either. Just as he was walking away, she said they could have a threesome, as the episode ended for now on “Faking It.”

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