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Fake T-Shirt of Justin Verlander

Photo is fake, Don't be fooled

Detroit, MI- Detroit Tiger's pitcher Justin Verlander can be funny and even hard on himself after such a terrible loss, but the picture of him wearing a T-Shirt saying, “ Property of Pablo Sandoval” is causing a stir online. Some might think of this picture as being authentic, but if you're a Tiger's fan- the joke isn't a laughing matter.

Verlander isn't grinning as the picture might depict. Winning the World Series is no laughing matter, it's serious. Still credit has to be given for the ingenious idea to whoever thought of this. You can clearly tell the picture is fake, simply by looking at the back ground. In Detroit the weather haven't permitted anyone to wear shorts and a PR guy from Detroit admitted to owning the original picture.

The PR guy stated that the original picture was taken in Chicago- the actual shirt said, “ Keep the MVP in Detroit”

All I have to say is, GO Tiger's !

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