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Fake newspapers and unanswered questions

Biased conclusions
Biased conclusions
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A political scandal of sorts has erupted in Jacksonville Florida over an open State Representative seat. On the surface the race (Dist 15) appears to be two conservative candidates offering themselves as nearly identical in policy and posture. Undeniably both candidates would support gun rights and are pro-life. Both see illegal immigration as an unacceptable proposition- both are even in agreement with main stream Jacksonville that government is out of control.

Fake Newspapers and unanswered questions
Jacksonville Westside Conservative News

But the campaign has turned dark and ugly. This citizen/writer is hearing that the Fant campaign is now suggesting to voters who wont commit to voting for him over the phone; that campaign rival, Paul Renner is pro-choice, or supports illegal immigration. Of course they can say they asked “what if” but the practice still illustrates bad character.

Instead of answering questions about his failed bank (leaving many long-time investors) poorer, the Fant campaign has taken to attacking those who ask the questions. A sample of that tactic is illustrated by this conversation:

Jim Davis: As it stands, we now have Jay Fant accusing Paul Renner of something (a crime) without offering documentation. {First name deleted}, people like you and I get that tactic from the left constantly, and it's unacceptable within our own ranks.

Paid Fant campaign advisor: This is a trap. We see it differently and again -- I have no desire to keep talking in this trap. It's getting us nowhere. Take care Jim -

Jim Davis: Jay Fant can fix this by simply offering documentation Paul Renner was involved, or apologize for bearing false witness against him. It would also be who him to simply explain the accusations in light of Obama's economy.

Paid Fant campaign advisor: “This is a trap. We see it differently and again -- I have no desire to keep talking in this trap. It's getting us nowhere. Take care Jim –“

Illustratting this isn’t a hit piece on Mr.. Fant, but an insistence that politicians have enough respect for voters to be honest and forth-coming with them. Instead, we see from the Fant campaign Democrat-like shinanigans that are simply unacceptable.

In an attempt to alleviate the mounting questions about Fant’s past, a third party organization (notice this writer didn’t blame Fant or his campaign) printed what appeared to be a long-established newspaper. This, because the state and local newspapers, (including the financial newspaper) reported negative findings about the close of the First Guaranty Bank and Trust .

Again, the press found much dysfunction in the Guaranty Bank and Trust:

“First Guaranty made the same mistakes noted at other failed banks before the financial crisis.It broke the law, regulators said, by providing too many loans to certain customers. It allowed a director to overdraw his deposit accounts 175 times. And it lent $1.6 million to a man previously arrested on charges of sexual battery, kidnapping, DUI and disorderly intoxication.”

“Fant confessed to regulators in 2009 that in hindsight he did not "appreciate the gravity of the concerns raised in prior examinations and perhaps put too much faith in former senior lending officer"

It appears to this citizen/writer that the candidate couldn’t get a positive response from the local press, so a newspaper was created to give Fant some positive news. Again, this is unacceptable politics for any politician, but more especially for one with a so-called Tea Party leader as a paid consultant, ( the local tea Party doesn’t have this person listed as a leader- so even that proposition is dubious).

Again, the concern isn’t about a failed business- businesses have disappeared like the Presidents grey hair after a press conference, the concern is whether or not Mr. Fant can represent the citizens of District 15 honestly and ethically- and just as importantly: without blaming others for his mistakes- which he’s sure to make because he’s human. Attacking citizens who can see past spin just doesn’t sit well.