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Fake engagement rings marketed to single women


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If they like it, and you don’t, put a ring on it.

Ladies, how many times have you had to ward of a less than desirable at the bar or on the dance floor?  If you have a boisterous personality, this is no problem.  “No, thanks” or, if your more ballsy, a blatant roll of the eyes is your only response. 

Some of the single women I know feel like they need an excuse to not be interested in a man; they feel guilt for rejecting others, especially if they often feel rejected themselves.

It appears there has been an “excuse” being marketed to single women for a little while now.  Some of you may recognize this product from the video response to “Jizz In My Pants” that was such a hit on YouTube. 

Ms. Taken is a company that manufactures fake engagement rings for women.  Ingeniously called “a little bright lie,” here is a 2-carat crystal set in stainless steel that can be worn when the “freaks come out at night” or hidden in an included keychain when the “real hot prospects” show up.

Inventive idea? Sure. Effective marketing? Absolutely. It got enough buzz to get me talking about it, after all.

But, no matter how much I enjoy the advertisements full of puns, the fact remains that this is not just selling a fake engagement ring to scare off unfit bachelors. 

Implying that a single woman doesn’t have the gumption to stand on her own two feet in a public place has potential to be very insulting. In fact, what is Ms. Taken telling us? Are we so insecure as unmarried women that we need to fake it? We already fake so many other things—hair color, excitement when we see people from high school, designer clothes, orgasms. Do we really need to fake marital status, too?  How exhausting.

There is no denying the secret powers of an engagement ring (or a wedding band.)  If you’re honest, ladies, most times you see an attractive guy, you look straight down to that left hand.   But, wearing a legitimate engagement ring is a something different.  By wearing a fake one, aren’t we just admitting they are more privileged than us? They have an excuse not to settle or be harassed by “freaks?”

I am a critic. My $50 plus shipping and handling will be spent on an extra special night out with a naked ring finger on my left hand.

Everyone else? Ring fingers, up or down? 


  • Singletude: A Positive Blog for Singles 5 years ago

    You have a different and interesting take on the practice of donning faux diamonds to ward off barflies. I appreciate your perspective, but I don't think this is about insecurity or "admitting [engaged women] are more privileged than us." I think it's about simple convenience. It can be hard to turn away a nice guy you're not interested in or, worse, a very persistent not-so-nice guy. Many men won't accept a polite "no, thank you" without giving a woman a hard time, but most won't argue with a girl who's off the market. The rings don't say we need "an excuse not to settle" as much as an explanation for why we won't that doesn't demand we waste 15 minutes jumping through conversational hoops to get rid of an unwanted suitor.

    The good thing is that if you want to flash a rock on your ring finger, you don't have to let Ms. Taken rip you off. You can pick up a cubic zirconia for much less, and unless the guy's a jeweler, he'll never know the difference.

  • Marie 5 years ago

    I completely agree with Singletude. Trying to politely reject random guys is not easy, precisely because they will often not accept your rejection without being a total jackass.

    Most guys seem to respect the fact that a woman is someone else's property (to go along with the "off the market" analogy) than respect the wishes of a single woman. In short, they respect the hypothetical fiance/husband more than they expect the very real woman in front of them.

    This is one of the many reasons I'm glad I am no longer single, but props to having a positive blog for those who are. I probably would have appreciated it when I was single.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

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  • Wishing 1 year ago

    I wear a real one from a previous engagement thet didnt work out. I am 50 and fairly attractive I guess because most married men think they could relieve me of a few lonely nights since I'm 50 and not married lol
    It works but I wish I woulda put up with the bs from married guys becasue I met the unmarried man of my dreams and he thinks I'm married :(