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Fake Review


Fake Bake is just a hot mess of a product. When it is pushed forth from its smallish container, the liquid is a horrid, nasty green. We did not judge the product before we used it either. We didn't.

When we saw what color Fake Bake is, fresh from the tube, we just figured that, neigh hoped, that the contrast of the product color from the color of one's white skin would enable one to be able to apply a smooth, even-colored coating. Yes, we figured that it would be a helpful thing. But, no. It simply is not so.

Then, we placed the green goo closer to our nose. This was just unpleasant, at best. The smell is awful. Perhaps, the container had been sitting behind a furnace for an extended period of time? Perhaps, it just got old. We do not know.

Still, we were willing to give the product a chance. On three separate occasions, we applied a fair amount of the stuff onto a white spot on your reviewer's hip. The green stuff oozed onto the carpet and was difficult to clean up. It has the viscosity of water and it did not color us. Not at all.

Granted, we will not be sporting an orange glow in an area that only our loving cat will see. No. However, we did not got a response at all, excepting the carpet. It's not a good look. This is not what you want from your beauty products.

We've tried many tanning products in our 47 years of existence. Some were okay. Some were barely there. Some needed help. Fake Bake needs help.

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