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Fake Angelina Jolie wedding rumor started by famous British tabloid?

Brad Pitt wedding news! Have you been frustrated trying to find out if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married yet? A British tabloid is the rumored source to be blamed for starting the latest flurry of fake Angelina Jolie wedding rumors as of Jan. 2, say entertainment news writers. Rumor mull reports run and re-run by scraper sites dominated the top search engine results placements on Google News thanks to a tech glitch that demotes reports from smaller but credible news outlets who provide original content to IMDb, the world's most reliable entertainment news source.

Did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get married at a secret wedding? The Telegraph UK claimed they did, sparking rumors flying all over the internet the first week of January in 2013.
Getty Images (Examiner)

The Telegraph UK boldly led readers to believe that Brangelina had already said their I do vows to one another on Christmas day. Google ranked nearly every junkie gossip report on top that copied the news to game the search engine rank positions while sinking many of the special news features from verified IMDb content providers out of site in their index.

The writers of Vanity Fair magazine pointed fingers at the UK source on Wednesday for fibbing about having insider knowledge in an article titled, "The Anatomy of a Wedding Rumor." Fortunately for Brangelina fans, Google News indexed that report near the top. Otherwise, everyone in Hollywood social circles would have already started mailing wedding gifts out.

On Jan. 2, Gossip Cop also called the questionable entertainment news source to the red-hot carpet and placed them in the spotlight for being both the source of the rumors and for never actually having proof the star celebs were married legally in any way. About hunting through the search engines to find verifiable proof of The Telegraph's claims, they had the following revelation to share:

Noting the speculation that’s been swirling about the pair’s impending nuptials, the Telegraph says Pitt and Jolie “might have given the world’s press the slip and tied the knot while the paparazzi were busy tucking into turkey.”

“Might” is the key word here.

Gossip Cop looked into the claim, and there are no real indications yet that the couple have actually said “I do.”

What do you think, readers? Do you believe the celeb gossip reports that the Hollywood stars are married already? Why or why not? Let other readers know your thoughts about whether the wedding news is real or fake in the comments section below including story updates from fan sites and gossip columns.

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