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Fake a pizza

Global Children
Global Children
Courtesy of Stephen Eastop, sxc

April is Global Child Nutrition Month and good nutrition starts at home. A few simple fun activities can go a long way in raising awareness in and outside the home.

Prepare a fun nutrition themed song, poem, video, or scrapbook with your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or friends. Meet with teachers and have the children present the project to classmates. Alternatively, host a party with friends and family and have the children do a little presentation. Remember to include healthy snacks and drinks.

Try a new recipe. Prepare an exotic meal, set an inviting table, invite guests and let them know that you will be playing the large pizza game. How to play:
Prepare the supplies in advance. Involve your guests as part of the activity.
Together, draw a pizza on a large sheet of paper or Bristol board.
Decorate it with stickers, markers, or any hand made fun accessories.
Draw slices. Make or buy coins that can be tossed onto the pizza.
Write a number on each side of the coin.
When the pizza and coins are ready, take turns tossing them onto the pizza.
The face-up number is the amount of the donation that player makes.
There is not need to stop at one coin and the amounts need not be high.
Alternatively, write numbers on each slice and the donation amount will be the number on which the coin lands.
A combination of both works well too.
Keep track of scores.
When the game is over, donate the proceeds to a food program or buy food and drop it off at a local food bank. There are many in and around Montreal, in your local area.

Organize a get-together with friends and family. Invite a nutrition specialist to answer all your questions or cook a meal with you. Topics might include healthy snacks and lunches, how to read labels, healthy drinks to replace sodas, feeding children who play sports, food intolerance and allergies, getting children to eat their vegetables, how to use herbs and spices, introducing new foods into a child’s diet, how to cook a certain food, etc…
Ask the specialist to volunteer and offer to make a donation to their favourite food bank or program in return.

The possibilities are endless and why stop at April. Why not engage in these activities year round? If you would like more ideas, feel free to contact me by email.

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