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Faithful dog who stood guard over deceased guardian is now at animal control

Left alone after death of guardian
Left alone after death of guardian
Screen shot via KFOR News

According to Saturday's KFOR 4 News, a faithful dog, who was found in Oklahoma City, Okla., standing guard over his deceased guardian, is now showing signs of extreme depression at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter.

On Friday, the English bull terrier was discovered standing by the body of his owner, who appears to have died of natural causes. Though the temperature that day was near 100 degrees, the loyal dog did not wander away from his person - not even to seek out shade or water.

When the authorities arrived and led the dog away, he repeatedly attempted to pull back to the place where his guardian's body was.

The dog was taken to the animal shelter and staff has observed a dog who is not only out of his element, but who is showing signs of grief. Animal Welfare supervisor Sheridan Lowey described to KFOR News how many dogs react after the loss of a loved one:

Their owner is deceased. They don’t know what is going on. They don’t know how to act. They don’t know how to react.”

He spoke specifically of the now owner-less dog who is confused and depressed at the shelter:

I took him out to go walk our facility here for a little bit and he keeps looking everywhere,”

“He’s looking to his left, he’s looking to his right.”

Police believe that the dog's owner was a transient. If no family comes forward to claim the bull terrier from the shelter, he will likely become available for adoption.

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