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Faithful Companion pet crematory offers human-quality cremation services

Faithful Companion offers pet owners a quiet place to stay while their pet's cremation takes place.
Faithful Companion offers pet owners a quiet place to stay while their pet's cremation takes place.
Kenneth R. Shepherd/all rights reserved

At some point, every pet owner is faced with the loss of a beloved pet. Then comes the question of how to take care of their remains in a respectful and loving way. In metro Detroit, Faithful Companion pet crematory offers an answer to that question.

Since the 1950s the Santieu family has been operating crematory services for people. In 2006, they introduced a similar service for pets in Royal Oak. Since then, they have provided their services to many different kinds of pets, ranging from cats to rabbits, from mastiffs to guinea pigs, and from snakes to llamas.

The pet services that Faithful Companion offers are top-of-the-line, exactly on par with human cremation. In fact, human cremations are performed in a different room on the same site. The staff is kind and sensitive, and pets' ashes are tracked using the very same system used for human remains--thus ensuring that grieving owners receive their own pet's ashes and nothing else.

Faithful Companion pet crematory services are used by many clinics in the metro Detroit area, but are also available directly to pet owners. The Santieus provide cremation services at special prices for many assistance animals, including military dogs, police dogs, and leader dogs. Animal rescues are also offered cremation services at reduced prices.

Faithful Companion provides both individual and group cremations; however, all pets, regardless of size or weight, are charged the same price, according to a source at the crematory. If pet owners choose an individual cremation the base price for the service is $200, and they have the option of remaining on site while it takes place. Call (248) 435-7500 for an appointment. Pet owners can also choose from a variety of urns and memorials to hold their pet’s ashes.

Group cremations are also available; the base price for this is $50 if you bring your pet to the site, or for $100 Faithful Companion will pick your pet up at your home. Group remains are delivered to a special pet cemetery in Ortonville for burial. They are placed in special plots and sorted accorded to date of burial.

Cremation services are available every day, but for those who want to be present while the cremation is in progress, hours are limited to 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. Mon.-Sat. Call (248) 435-7500 for an appointment.

Faithful Companion is located at 4900 Fernlee Avenue in Royal Oak, Michigan, between Crooks Road and Woodward Avenue, and between 14 Mile Road and Maple Road. Their Web site is

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