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FAITH (What Is Faith For? Part Five)

Bondservants belong to the household of God, so everything that is in the household of God is available to them. Not all believers however, receives what they need from God. Why? Although they seem to be fulfilling God’s will, they may not be true bondservants. Many believers are doing something for God, but it may not be what God called them to fulfill. An example is; Matthew 7:21-23. According to verse 22 they were doing something for God, but in verse 23 Jesus said, “depart from Me you wicked men for I never knew you.” Although they were doing something for God, they may not have really known God’s will to fulfill it. And they may not have taken the time to know God and thus His will.

Those who are truly doing the will of God are true bondservants and they have the grace to receive more easily from God's household. For example; at Christmas it is easier for one to receive a gift when one gives a gift. If one does not give a gift it is hard to receive from someone who brings them a gift. A true bondservant gives himself to God's will and then receives the gift of God's household in return. Everything God gives from His household is a gift only because bondservants aren't paid for their service.

Bond-servants do not receive a wage for service to God, but they have become a part of the household of God and rely completely upon those things within God’s household. Believers however, do not work to receive from God they work because they trust and love Him first and foremost. For no one in the household of God worries about their needs or if they have money nor do they worry about their health, they are more concerned about fulfilling God’s will.

Faith therefore, is for trusting in God to the point of surrender to Him and His will. When believers trust in God they are free from this world and receive from God’s household.

In Luke 12:32 Jesus said, “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Jesus referring to believers as sheep, tells them that it is God's good pleasure to give to them the kingdom. Or to give them the things in the kingdom, which is the household of God. God however, does not give believers everything in the kingdom to heap or hoard to themselves. Believers are not to heap to themselves material things because believers have access to all that is in the kingdom.

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