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Faith meets reality


  Man in the rain

By Debbie Carrick    

      Faith is a substance as real as the rain.  When you are standing in faith it is just as real as the water falling on you during a rain shower.  According to Romans 10:17, “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”  Faith does come if you are hearing by the word of God.  The question is what is Jesus saying to your circumstance?  He looked in the face of Jairus and told him to “only believe.”  Mark 5:36  Jairus’ little daughter was sick and he went after Jesus to ask him to heal his daughter.  The news that his daughter had died came to him as he was standing with Jesus.  Jesus had already agreed to heal his daughter.  Faith is not what others are saying to you, faith is by the word of God.  Either a scripture is quickened (comes alive) in your spirit and brings life to your circumstance, or the blood of Jesus begins to speak to you.  The blood of Jesus will plea on your behalf.  The blood of Jesus speaks to you today no differently then if Jesus were standing with you saying "only believe."  When you are able to hear what the blood of Jesus is saying then you, like Jaris, can only believe that you CAN have what you prayed for.  If you are sick, scared, lonely it does not matter because the blood of Jesus is saying, "I took that for you."  You do not have to take that condition of life.

    George Muller, a great man of faith who took care of England’s orphaned children in the 1800’s, kept a journal of his prayer requests.  He opened the journal and on the left side of the page wrote his request and left the right side of the page open to document the answers to his prayers.  This is an example of when faith meets reality, when you are responsible for feeding, clothing and educating hundreds of abandoned children.  It was before the day of a welfare system; George Muller became the welfare program by faith.  He believed he could have the things he asked for and he expected answers to his prayers.

     Faith will manifest when a believer creates the conditions for it to manifest.  Rain manifests when the right conditions develop.  There are specific conditions that have to take place for the atmosphere to create rain; the same is true with faith.  A believer has to make a request from God and believe that they receive what they have asked for when they ask.  Why would a believer believe they can have what they have asked for?  The answer is by the word of God.  The believer is hearing something on the inside and it is either the blood of Jesus speaking or it is a scripture.  Thereby comes faith and when faith arrives, faith will not be denied.  Faith is more real than rain from the sky.  When you are standing in faith it is a substance and you know it is there.

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  • Shawn 5 years ago

    I think that was a very interesting article. It makes a lot of sense.