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Faith is rooted in God, not approval of men, Pope declares

Pope Francis says that our faith cannot be rooted in human wisdom.
Pope Francis says that our faith cannot be rooted in human wisdom.
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Pope Francis said on Monday in his homily at daily Mass in the chapel of the St. Martha Residence that our faith in God should be rooted in the message of the Gospel and not in the wisdom of men or of this world, and he said that the Scriptures, the Gospel, should not be studied for mere knowledge, but to find and encounter Christ. "One ought to receive the Word as one receives Christ: that is, with an open heart, with a humble heart, with the spirit of the Beatitudes, because Jesus came in this way, in humility. He came in poverty. He came with the anointing of the Holy Spirit,” the Pope explained. “The Word of God is Jesus, which is a source of scandal. The Cross of Christ scandalizes. This is the strength of the Word of God: Jesus Christ, the Lord. And how must we receive the Word of God? As one receives Christ Jesus. The Church tells us that Jesus is present in Scripture, in His Word,” Francis explained.

“He is the Word of God because He is anointed by the Holy Spirit. Also, if we want to listen to and receive the Word of God, we must pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for this anointing of the heart, which is the anointing of the Beatitudes. Such a heart is the heart of the Beatitudes.”

The Holy Father went on to say that we should ask ourselves how we receive the Word of God when we hear and read it. “We would do well today, throughout the day, to ask ourselves: ‘Yet, how do I receive the Word of God?” Are we only listening to it because the priest or deacon might catch our attention, or do we listen to the Gospel “simply because it is the living Jesus, His Word?”