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Faith Hill divorce: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill split rumors surge, 'on the rocks'

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce rumors continue to surge this week among celebrity media sites, with the “Star” especially saying the couple is ready to split and their 17 year marriage is “on the rocks.” Public reps for the country music couple have repeatedly denied these split rumors have any truth to them, but now McGraw and Hill seem to just be ignoring the buzz about their alleged dissolution of the marriage. MStarz reports this Thursday, June 5, 2014, that no matter how much some celebrity press may suspect — or even suggest — that the celebrity couple is heading their separate ways, they can’t divide the popular “I Need You” singers.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw divorce rumors still surge on
Wikimedia Commons

Since practically the beginning of their strong marriage, Faith Hill divorce rumors from her husband Tim McGraw have abounded. These claims have been refuted time and again, but they have surged back into the public spotlight with a vengeance this week. “Star” magazine, a well-known U.S. tabloid, is asserting in their latest issue that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill really are fighting behind the scenes, and unhappy with their marriage — which has itself been said to be dangerously “on the rocks” for some time now.

Yet Cleveland News notes that neither Tim McGraw nor Faith Hill are giving these divorce rumors any attention at this point. Perhaps they are hoping that if they simply let the splits-ville claims run their course, the divorce talk will die down on their own. This is a much different (and hopefully effective) approach than the country music couple has tried in the past, which often included them maintaining they were very much “happy and in love” together.

According to their undisclosed sources, “Star” magazine has alleged that these Tim McGraw and Faith Hill divorce rumors in fact have some merit, as their 17 year marriage is in fact “one from hell” behind the scenes. The official headline for the cover story quotes on the celebrity duo’s relationship:

"Faith & Tim marriage from hell. 'She's a controlling pyscho!' Faith forces Tim to sign over fortune. He's forbidden to contact friends. Plus: Tim wrecks his car after a wild night of drinking."

It’s hard to take a headline written in this way seriously, but based on the popularity of the issue, at least some readers must have been believing the claim. However, for country fans and longtime followers of the talented singers, it seems that Faith Hill will continue to be very happy and contented in her marriage to Tim McGraw. It’s possible that their “Highway Don’t Care” attitude toward this latest surge of gossip may be just the solution to make it go away for good.

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