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Faith drives Christianity, but faith is the core to anyone's belief system

A Twitter map of the United States detailing the activity of more than 250 million tweets.  Many have "faith" in Twitter, the new emerging idol of the time.
A Twitter map of the United States detailing the activity of more than 250 million tweets. Many have "faith" in Twitter, the new emerging idol of the time.
Photo courtesy Salathé M, Bengtsson L, Bodnar TJ, Brewer DD, Brownstein JS, et al. (2012) Digital Epidemiology. PLoS Comput Biol 8(7): e1002616. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002616

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved. We walk by faith, not by sight.

The central core foundation of Christianity is faith, belief, and trust; intangibles that can irritate atheists, annoy agnostics, and infuriate rational thinkers that subscribe to logic and intellectual thinking. Nothing can get the feelings and emotions simmering than a debate with these opposing points of view.

Putting one’s trust in a philosophy as Christianity or God is illogical according to many others opposing religion, God or faith, and typically those with skepticism will point of the failures of those claiming Christianity or any other religious philosophy as proof of that religion’s fallacy. Without of doubt there are plenty of examples that demonstrate the failures, however the same is true with any belief system.

You can best describe human beings as a mass of conflicting impulses, similar to Nomad’s assessment of females in the Star Trek television series. Men or women guided by their feelings and emotions can easily be explained as such.

However there is a more dynamic guide to the human spirit that dominates our various human philosophies, and that is faith.

Atheists put their trust in the fact that there are no deities, and will interpret the information around them by using that anchor. Agnostics put their belief into a construct that one cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. And of course intellectuals use the method that if you cannot test for the existence in God in the laboratory where one can measure, explain, or evaluate empirical evidence, then God does not exist.

Atheist use faith because of the fact that all the evidence has not been inspected yet which exists on other planets, galaxies, universes, or dimensions. There is no way one can emphatically declare “no God” when the investigative work has not even began to be explored adequately. No life has been found elsewhere and it would be presumptuous and premature to declare no life exists simply because we have not found it yet.

The knowledge book has not closed on our planet let alone outside our atmosphere. Isn’t that using your faith that God can't exist elsewhere? The best one can claim is an agnostic status.

The intellectual or scientific minds claim that there is no proof of God's existence because God cannot be explained scientifically or broken down to a logical calculation. It is interesting scientists can accept concepts with no concrete evidence through postulations or hypothesis, then add the proof later on. Isn’t that using one’s faith?

Faith is used all the time to navigate through life. People just do not want to admit it.

It takes faith to go through a green light having trust that nobody will run the red light. It takes faith to turn on the light switch with a belief that the light will come on. The light doesn’t come on all the time, does it? Therefore belief in the light coming on is a fallacy, is it not? People have faith their electronic access device will work when it is needed. What? You expect it to work? How do you know? You have trust.

There are a multitude of situations when people exercise faith, trust, or belief without a moment’s hesitation. However, when it comes to God….all of a sudden they want undeniable, irrefutable proof before one proceeds. One can stand outside the bank and wonder if one really has the funds available for a withdrawal without doing anything. You could stand there and contemplate all what could go wrong, or just go inside and hope you can withdraw your funds.

God operates the same way through faith, belief, and trust. The plethora of stories, parables, and miracles done in the Bible were based first in a trust in God to deliver. It’s the same type of faith one has in a spouse that their marriage vows will be done. How does one know? One does not know, but it does not stop the marriage from working should one be true to their vows.

It is easy to doubt, be skeptical, not trust, lack faith or belief to an infinity of circumstances, however that lack of faith does not validate or invalidate the reality of truth does it?

One can be severely handicapped if one only operates by what one knows, understands, or can explain. That is an impossible standard to live by. What are you doing using that electronic device or driving that automobile anyway? You can no more explain all the workings of those items than the man in the moon!

You see, you can work with things that you can’t personally explain, understand, or know.

God smiles.

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