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Faith and The Muse: Artist Spotlight

Faith and The Muse brought their North American tour to T.T. the Bear’s in Cambridge on April 24th. New Wave Entertainment was kind enough to invite to review the show. Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances kept us from attending the gig.

Faith and the Muse
The Mercyground

According to the press info, “LA based Faith And The Muse is Monica Richards, who got her start on the DC scene before fronting Strange Boutique, and William Faith (Christian Death, Shadow Project, Mephisto Walz). Their first two albums, Elyria and Annwyn, Beneath the Waves are considered highly influential in the development of darkwave. Known for their experimentation with sounds and cultural influences; Faith And The Muse looks to the east for inspiration on their new CD/DVD/Book : ankoku butoh : The use of taiko drums and orchestral arrangements, mixed with Richard’s serenely evocative vocals and Faith’s multi-instrumental talents, adds new depth to the band’s genre-busting sound which incorporates rock/punk/world/jazz.”

The release continues, saying, “The band will be touring 40 North American cities in 40 days this April and May. They recently returned from the European leg of the tour where they garnered rave reviews and a #1 selling Alternative album in Germany. The tour is their most ambitious theatrical undertaking yet, with a 9-person live line-up, featuring butoh/tribal fusion dancers, a full string quartet, and taiko drums, in addition to their usual rock set up. Banners, projected visuals, and atmospheric staging only add to the otherworldly ambience of the show, leaving audiences spellbound.”

The band has a few stops left on their current leg, including: New Orleans, Houston, Albuquerque and Scottsdale. Be sure to check out the trailer below!



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