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Faith and free speech

King Street Patriots
King Street Patriots

King Street Patriots open the year yesterday Monday 13, 2014 with their first meeting of the year. The theme of the meeting was a prayer session for our country and its future.

As always the meetings start with a prayer followed by a quote and last nights’ quote was from Ronald Reagan, “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.

Logan Churchwell addressed the members with updates of the status of True the Vote’s law suits against Ohio and the I.R.S. It was announced that Ohio settled with True the Vote and True the Vote received every request stated in their suit. This victory further reinforces the groups’ goal to reduce voter fraud and insure a more accurate electoral process. Logan followed with True the Vote’s suit against the I.R.S. in which he stated the case should move into discovery in which if deposed, I.R.S. employees both current and former will not be allowed to plea the 5th, as they did in prior investigations into the targeting of groups.

Next on stage was the guest speaker Dr. Ted Seago who is pastor at Grace Community Church at Fish Creek. Dr Seago presented a passionate speech with a touch of humor to stress the place of faith in our American government. Many believe that our collective straying from morality has led us down the path of instability, unrest, and divisiveness. The crowd was attentive and visually agreeing with subtle signs like the nodding of heads in an affirmative fashion. One of the big issues the country is divided over is the place of religion in the governmental process. This one issue overlaps with many other issues like abortion, freedom of speech, taxation, and elections to name a few. Dr. Seago was joined on stage by Logan Churchwell for a question and answer session after a good ole fashioned singing of, “God Bless America,” led on stage by a group of singers with the entire membership joining in. This was a symbolic gesture of solidarity of the members and their desire to see a better America.

Much of the question and answer session revolved around how up coming policy changes within the I.R.S. will affect 501C3’s, C4’s, and C5’s. Will free speech be suppressed under the threat of losing tax exempt status and will this also affect the willingness of people to donate to good causes if the tax deduction is removed with the loss of tax exempt status of a not for profit entity? Of course constitutionally also was mentioned because what can and can’t be discussed in meetings such as King Street Patriots or even within a church and it’s congregation. I.R.S. upcoming policy changes will take effect if unchallenged by the voices of many which can be voiced at; We Will Not Be Silenced web site.

The meeting was closed and many talked amongst themselves for several minutes. Next Monday’s meeting will cover the Texas’s candidates for Lieutenant Governor and should deliver plenty of knowledge as do all the King Street Patriot and True the Vote meetings.

For more information on King Street Patriots and True the Vote just click the links within this sentence.

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