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All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. ~Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution-Section 1.

Yesterday Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, "made history" on behalf of her state and vetoed a very controversial 'Jim Crow' bill, also known as SB1062. This bill, touted as being one that would protect religious freedoms for Arizona business owners, was far from that. The crux of the bill would allow a business owner to refuse services to anyone whom they had a "deep religious objection" to. Primarily this bill is introduced as a preemptive attack on gay and lesbian citizens. "Gay marriage" is inevitable thanks to a little document we call the constitution, and yet there are states that are running to their legislature to enact worthless bills that would somehow protect "sanctity of marriage" from those pesky homosexuals. Fifty years ago it was those pesky African-Americans who were demanding equal protection under the law. One of those African-Americans as so happens is my very best friend, Joan Nelson. "There is zero difference in the modern versions of Jim Crow laws," stated Joan with fire in her belly. Ms. Nelson sat in "all white" businesses and was forcibly arrested and beaten for violating the law. "Discrimination is discrimination, no matter who it's directed at" she chuckles. "They arrested me because of the color of my skin, you would be arrested because of who you love. How ridiculous is that?" Joan being a lifelong Christian woman does not understand, and there are many things that she is unable to comprehend, how we can punish American tax payers and voters because of love. She asks, "Doesn't Jesus demand that we love? Doesn't Jesus rebuke those who judge and condemn, while in the midst of sin themselves?" Joan has a great point. Fair is fair. If we are going to start changing the laws to accommodate one group's version of one religion, thereby legally discriminating against citizens of this county, then shouldn't everyone mentioned in that translation of the bible, everyone who is a sinner, be legislated against as well?

Joan is right in that this argument we are having as a nation, is as inane as the people who create these ridiculous laws. Fair is fair, right? Shouldn't it be open season on those among us who suffer from obesity? Shouldn't these law makers run to the house and senate and enact some laws that would protect the country from abominations like women who divorce their husband's, men who have sexual relations with women who are menstruating, and those evil children who talk back to their parents? Fair is fair, right? It should come as no surprise that I and Joan are not fans of religion. Religion is often used as a weapon by ignorant people who cherry pick scriptures that suit their needs and give them permission to hate those they always hated. And when done, the very "word" they hold in such high regard becomes perverted and defiled. By example, Jesus repeatedly proclaims the poor, the sick, the imperfect as his favored people. Jesus did not keep company with wealthy and powerful businessmen. Jesus did not break bread with politicians, congressmen, or a televangelist. Jesus never instructed us to create laws that would condemn those whom he loved.

My call to you as Americans, and as humans is, be careful! When we open the door to discrimination of any kind, we open Pandora's box. When we enact a law that says you are not allowed to sit in my restaurant because your "lifestyle" is an abomination to my version of "God," and when we say that a business shall not give you services because you seem to be someone who might offend my version of "God," we enter dark and dangerous territory. In that same arena, someone else could use their version of "God" or the bible to enact a law that fits the hate they may have always had for you and for your family. 'You're fat and my bible tells me that is an abomination.' 'You're Jewish and your people do not believe that Jesus is the "savior" of us all.' 'You're black and the bible says that you are a cursed people.' 'Jesus don't like you because practice Buddhism.' 'Jesus says you can't eat in my diner because you had premarital sex.' 'You're a drunk and you cannot go to Heaven, so you ain't entering my hospital.'

Yes folks it's that simple. Hate is hate no matter who it's directed at. One person's interpretation of "evil" could be used at you or someone you love. Fair is fair, right?

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